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I’d like to meet the genius that came up with this product idea!  I love this idea because I believe Rags would have loved this thing! Thank you to FrostyBowlz for sending us a product sample for review.

As you know, cats, when they want to drink, like fresh, cool, clean water. Rags always liked ice water – even when he drank out of the faucet, I always had to make sure it was cool to the touch.

If your kitty drinks water, then I would seriously consider getting one of these and also would get an extra FrostyCore, so that you can switch them out.  They do sell those separately, so it’s easy to take advantage of that.  I do think that FrostyBowlz should sell the FrostyCore and the extra FrostyCore together as a package deal.

The size is great for a small or medium sized dog and any cats – but for larger breed dogs, I hope they come out with a bowl larger than 28 oz.

Here’s a run down of how it works:

FrostyBowlzUnfortunately (but fortunately), Charlie and Trigg do not drink water anymore because they are on an 100% wet food diet, so I decided to try out the bowls on my mom’s German Shepherds.

Here’s a video of that happening:

You’ll also love the ant barrier and the fact that the bowl and the plate are both non-skid.

The FrostyBowlz can be purchased through for $29.99.

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One thought on “FrostyBowlz Product Review

  1. Ragdoll Mama says:

    My raggy dolls love their water fountain but I do have a couple that still want to drink water in the bath tub since it is so fresh and cold. I may give this is shot when I’ve got some extra cash. Thanks for the heads up!

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