From Kittens to Seniors: Exploring the Astonishing Color Variations in Ragdoll Cats as They Mature and Age

Ragdoll cats, indeed, hold a special place among the world’s most stunning and fluffy feline companions. One of the fascinating aspects of Ragdolls is how their appearance evolves throughout their lives, showcasing remarkable color transformations with graceful elegance.

As kittens, Ragdolls are born with relatively lighter and less defined color patterns. As they grow and mature, their coat gradually develops, revealing their true and mesmerizing beauty. The color progression in Ragdolls is often accompanied by subtle shifts, deepening and enhancing their coat hues. Their striking blue eyes, a hallmark of the breed, add an enchanting allure to their overall appearance. These enchanting felines truly exemplify the beauty of nature’s artistry, making them beloved pets for cat enthusiasts worldwide.

Fresh and White

The Importance of Early Age Spay and Neuter of Ragdoll Kittens Bluedreamer-Ragdoll-Kittens-Kansas-City-IMG_9087-scaled
Photo credit: Used with permission for Floppycats.

All Ragdoll kittens are born white – no matter what color they will ultimately be, or their pattern, they will be white all over in their first weeks before colors start to develop.

Ragdoll Patterns

Silohuette of a seal point Ragdoll cat named Charlie
Photo credit: Used with permission for Floppycats.

Ragdolls are usually bi-color, meaning they have two different shades on their body. But there are various patterns a Ragdoll can be, including Colorpoint and Van.

Ragdoll Colors

Chocolate Bicolor Ragdoll Cat Havana loved by S Bryan
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Six primary colors are accepted for purebred Ragdoll cats – Seal, Chocolate, Blue, Lilac, Red, and Cream.

Unofficial Ragdoll Colors

Cocoa Cinnamon Point Ragdoll owned by Duncan (2)
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While they may not be accepted in cat shows, you can get Ragdoll cats in other colors, including Cinnamon, Black, and Mink.

Things are Heating Up

Ragdoll Cat Color Change After Shaving Fur
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Color change in Ragdoll cats is typically caused by temperature. The warmer the body area, the lighter the color. That’s why the points – the coolest parts – tend to be darker colors.

Younger Cats = Lighter Cats

ragdoll kitten with its tongue out
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Younger cats will usually be a lighter shade of their color because they have a good metabolism and a healthy blood flow, which keeps the body warm.

With Age Comes Color

Charlie - fat and dark on dry food 2-12-11
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As cats age, their metabolism slows, and their body cools down, which causes the fur to darken.

Changing With the Seasons

Ragdoll Cat Charlie WInter Coat vs Summer Coat
Photo credit: Used with permission for Floppycats.

Yes – because Ragdoll cats usually change because of the temperature, the time of the year can affect them. Some Ragdolls will grow a darker coat during the winter months.

In Sickness…

Sick Cat laying down
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Sometimes a cat’s fur color will change because they are unwell. Infections and inflammation can heat the body, causing a more rapid color change in the fur.

Environmental Changes

Bella Bleu Dívka - Ragdoll of the Week sunlight
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While it’s usually temperature that causes a Ragdoll to change color, don’t rule out environmental causes. Continued exposure to sunlight or spending a lot of time by a pool (with chlorine) can change fur color.

Old Age and White Hairs

trigg 13-year old blue lynx mitted ragdoll cat on stairs IMG_4402
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Do old cats get white hairs, just like humans? Yes, they do! But they tend to be sporadic; cats won’t go gray all over as some people may.

Seeking Help

Photo credit: Deposit Photos.

Cats changing color gradually are typically undergoing their natural processes. However, if your cat changes color quickly, seek advice from a veterinarian, as it could be a sign that your kitty is unwell.

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Crazy cat look
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