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Post Published on October 11, 2011 | Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Frolicat TWITCH and Trigg
Frolicat TWITCH and Trigg

Frolicat makes some pretty freakin’ cool interactive toys for cats.  In fact, we have previously reviewed their BOLT and SWAY.  So, when I found out about the TWITCH, I asked if we could please review it!  But, as a bonus, they also threw one in for our October 2011 Giveaway!

The TWITCH is a teaser toy for cats.  It has a button on the top of it that allows the arm with the cat toy to move in “twitch” like motions.  If you press the button once, it will play one time for 10 minutes.  You can also hold the button down to program it to activate multiple sessions throughout the day.  An electronic beep lets your cat know that the play session is about to begin.

The teaser toy is great – Charlie and Trigg were very attracted to it.  It’s a ball with feathers and also has a little bell on it.

Charlie and Trigg were intrigued with the TWITCH, but I do think they would have loved it more as kittens.  So I would recommend the TWITCH for a rescue or for a cattery or if you are bringing home a Ragdoll kitten.

Frolicat TWITCH with Trigg and Charlie
Frolicat TWITCH with Trigg and Charlie

I also found that it would fall off the counter if they tugged on it too hard – so be sure that it is suctioned to whatever surface it is on.  I found that it was best suited for the floor in our house.  I also found this when I brought it over to my friend’s house to take care of her kitty, Diablo, a poly-dactyl rescue kitty – see video below of Diablo playing with it.

You can buy the Frolicat TWITCH on for $19.99 and it qualifies for’s FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.  As always, if you find the Frolicat TWITCH online for less than $19.99, please leave a comment below and leave the link of where you found it for less, so that other readers can have the savings!

Videos of the TWITCH arrival:

Video of Diablo playing with it:

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2 thoughts on “Frolicat TWITCH Interactive Cat Toy – Product Review by

  1. Gloria says:

    Well it was fun for the 5 minutes it lasted before the string broke. Also it was deceptive when I bought it as the box shows 3 teasers which I guess now is somebody’s idea of one teaser moving.
    Disappointed and out some $.


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