Frolicat Sway Interactive Toys for Cats – Product Review

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Frolicat Sway Interactive Cat Toy
Frolicat Sway Interactive Cat Toy

We were lucky enough to be sent the Frolicat Sway for product testing.  The Frolicat Sway is a interactive cat toy that magnetically suspends from any flat surface.

The magnet that comes with it is very strong (so that it can maintain it’s magnetisim through a variety of materials), so you have to twist the top and bottom of the magnet to separate them.  Once separated, you put the top portion on the top of a table, for example and then just line up the bottom portion on the underneath side of the table – it is from the underneath side that a sisal wrapped ball with feathers hangs from an elastic string.

I liked that you could slide the magnet around on the table to encourage your cat to bat and swat at it.

You can buy the Frolicat Sway on for $9.97.

Here’s a video I captured during the product testing process:


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