Frito Pie – Ragdoll of the Week

Aug-7-1998-v2Our beloved Ragdoll, the much missed Frito Pie, passed away on March 5, 2014.  He was 15 years and 10 months old.  We miss our old Puss very much.

My wife and I don’t have children so Frito was our child.  His life was probably no different than a lot of Ragdolls.  He was loved and taken cared of exceptionally well.  And in turn he gave us much love and great joy – he was family.  I was happy we could provide for him.

He was born in April 1998 in Cedar Crest, New Mexico at the Kachinadolls cattery.  We almost didn’t get Frito.  A man had put a deposit on him before we did.  But he told the breeder that the cat would be indoor/outdoor.  Barbara Bradley, the breeder, believes Ragdolls should be indoor only, told _MG_3277him this kitten isn’t for him and returned his deposit.  And thus we lucked out.  My wife had already planned to visit her family in New Mexico at about the same time Frito would be ready to come home.  They flew back in August 1998 and thus began his long life with us.

Like most kittens he was often high energy and rambunctious.  He was a lot of fun.  I believe kittens make you feel younger – it’s like they transmit some of their high energy to you.  When he arrived he was mostly white and tan – only his ears were seal.  But in a few weeks he darkened dramatically on his way to becoming quite the handsome fellow.  He was a large Ragdoll, but he carried his weight well on his big frame.  My sister once remarked “that’s not a cat – that’s an ottoman!”

As an adult cat not only was he good looking, he was also mild mannered and well behaved.  Our veterinarian loved how calm and relaxed his was.  He never fought or bit her or her vet techs.  Thinking back, he wasn’t much of a biter.  He was way too mellow for that.

After Frito matured into adulthood we settled into a comfortable routine that lasted many years.  That _MG_7349-as-Smart-Object-1routine changed for the worse this year.

I will focus the remainder of Frito’s story on the last weeks of his life.

Frito had cancer.  When he got cancer, we don’t know because cats are remarkable at hiding symptoms of weakness and disease – it’s something they inherited from their wild ancestors.  Late January 2014 my wife noticed he wasn’t eating much of his breakfast, which was a mixture of bonito flakes, dry salmon cubes and dry kibble.  At first I didn’t think much of it because he ate his dinner as he usually did – with gusto.  Everything else was normal.  Except for one thing … he hadn’t pooped in days.  He was regular – he used to poop once a day (and a big healthy poop at that) so I was concerned he was constipated.  I took him to our local emergency vet on Saturday February 8.  The x-rays showed he wasn’t constipated but a bit of lung in the first x-ray showed white speckling.  Another x-ray was taken of his chest and his lungs were at least 50% white.  In an x-ray normal healthy lungs should show up almost black.

6E0C6076-as-Smart-Object-1The vet gave me the bad news – it was almost certainly cancer.  She’s seen it before.  My wife and I were devastated.

The original diagnosis was confirmed by his regular vet, Dr. Kim Percival, a few days later.  Her tech weighted him.  16.2 lbs.  The last time she examined him, which was a few months ago, he weighed 21 lbs.

Before he got cancer I hoped Frito would be with us at least another 2-3 years.  I thought it was reasonable given his good health.  However, cancer will often crush your hopes for a longer life for your pet.

Our focus going forward was to make Frito’s remaining time as comfortable as possible.

We gave him meds to reduce the inflammation in his lungs and to increase his appetite.  There were days when he seemed normal, except he barely ate dry food.  Just about every day I graded his health 6E0C6105against what I considered normal.  There were days he as 75% of normal and it would dip here and there but he would rebound.  That happened during the first week or so after his diagnoses. Afterwards the percentages started a steady downward trend.

People say your cat will tell you when it’s time to let him go.  All I knew was I wasn’t going to let him suffer just because I wanted him with us as long as possible.  On Friday February 21, I thought his time was up.  He wasn’t eating much.  His breathing had become extremely labored and his eyes constantly watered.  He looked absolutely miserable.  But by the afternoon, he rebounded remarkably well.  His eyes cleared up and his breathing was much improved.  He ate well.  But I also knew his health would continue to trend downward because the good days of normality had long gone.  What he had now were good half days.  And soon those faded away to a few good hours, here and there.  He still drank water, but his appetite dwindled to nil the last week of his life. He was wasting away before our eyes.  I resorted to force feeding him wet food via an eye dropper just to get some nutrients in him. I now realized this was truly the beginning of the end and it weighed heavily on me and my wife.

6E0C9633Another bad sign … Frito couldn’t walk six feet without being exhausted.  His lungs simply didn’t have enough capacity.
During his long life he slept on our bed every night until the cancer worsened.  When his breathing became labored and his eyes watered he wanted to be alone, either under my desk or on top of the couch.  But a few days before he passed away he jumped on our bed and slept with us most of the night.  And he did it again the next night.  It was his parting gift to us.

The day before he died, he jumped on the bed one last time.  He did this on his own with me prompting him.  I think he wanted to do it.  But it took everything he had.  He tucked his front paws underneath his body, chest heaving and head down.  He was totally exhausted.  I felt for the poor boy.  It was heartrending.

On his last day he had stopped drinking water.  I tried to give him water using an eye dropper, but he refused.  In addition, his breathing became very rapid and shallow.  I saw how much he was struggling and it was only going to get worse.  Of course he couldn’t tell me how he felt, but I know my 9O4Y0611cat.  The finality hit me hard – I knew it was time.  To keep him barely existing in such a sad state just so I could have him around would be cruel.

I got his carrier out.  I opened the garage door before putting him in the carrier.  During the short drive to the vet’s office I talked to him.  I told him many times how much I loved him.  It was a tough drive.

Dr. Percival was wonderfully compassionate to me and Frito.  She placed him on a comfortable blanket. She calmly explained the end of life procedure.  The first injection was to calm him down and the second injection was to stop his heart.  She talked to him soothingly as she performed the procedure.  His bright blue eyes remained opened after his heart stopped.  I put my ear 9O4Y4701to his chest – no heartbeat – no breath.  I kissed him on his head and told him again how much I loved him.  She wrapped him up and carried him away.  Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.  Frito’s gone.

It’s been a few weeks since Frito passed away.  He was a constant in our lives and to no longer have him physically here is at times saddening.  But life goes on and we have an opportunity to bring another Ragdoll into our lives.  His name is Milo.  He’ll be 13 weeks old by the time I bring him here to his new home.  It was important for us to have another Ragdoll as a connection to Frito, but it was just as important that he isn’t a replica – a stand-in.  Frito was a seal bicolor.  Milo is a blue mitted.  Milo is not Frito.  Milo is his own cat.  I hope to share Milo’s story soon.






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28 thoughts on “Frito Pie – Ragdoll of the Week

  1. Lisa says:

    Frito pie,what a beautiful boy !Why do these lovely souls get cancer?He sure was a handsome healthy bundle of love/you will be with him again one day.Its really hard when your Ragdoll is your soulmate/and child.Me and husband have two young male Ragdolls and cant imagine life without them.They really open our hearts ,The love my boys have given us in the short two years weve have had them have truly made me a better person,and Ifeel they are gift from above,Many happy wishes of laughter goodtimes and health with your new special Dolls,Many prayers for Frito take care/Bye now Lisa Murphy and Ceasar.

  2. Dementia Boy says:

    Jim, have you considered sending out Frito’s tribute for publication? I no longer know Cat Fancy’s stance on unsolicited manuscripts, but Frito’s story is worthy of publication. It is well-written, detailed yet neither sentimental nor maudlin.

  3. Jim says:

    Hi – I’m Jim and I’m Frito’s dad. I want to thank everyone who posted a response – my wife and I appreciate your kind words. And a special thank you to Jenny for publishing Frito’s story. He was very special to us. We miss him from his soft meow to his big fluffy tail. We miss his presence. Frito’s life is a source of pride and joy and he in turn gave us many happy years. What I learned from raising Frito and having him for almost 16 years will benefit Milo. The melancholy has lifted. Life moves on. But we will never forget Puss – we have many fond memories of the old boy.

    • shelia love says:

      Hi,Jim…I think Dementia Boy is right,submit this wonderful and moving story to either Cat Fancy,Redbook,Good Housekeeping…and of course,you already know that I love your photography from all my comments on Facebook 🙂

  4. Kanelbulle says:

    What a beautiful Ragdoll! Frito Pie was clearly very loved and cherished by both you and your wife. I lost my Zoe last year in nearly the exact same way. People who are not animal companions do not understand the depth of my grief, but reading your story made me well up a bit because I know exactly how you feel.

    My husband and I have also chosen to open our hearts and our home to a Ragdoll. Zoe was a country cat I adopted from an ad in the paper and despite being a longhaired calico, she was a ragdoll at heart. The last thing she’d want is for us to be lonely so we will be bringing a Ragdoll home in a few weeks. I can’t wait to make new memories with a new cat and I can’t wait to hear about all of your new adventures with Milo! Please submit him for Ragdoll Kitten of the Week when he comes home!

  5. janet Knowlton says:

    I can feel for what you went through. The same thing happened to our Lab a couple years ago. It is so heart wrenching. I had a very compassionate vet as you. It is the hardest thing to put an animal down BUT I am so glad you didn’t drag it out as sometimes I see people out of their own selfishness keep their pets lingering for way too long. Frito was gorgeous and looks identical to my Finn. I wish you the best with the new kitten!

  6. Denise Grande says:

    Thank you for that beautiful story about Frito Pie. I am sitting here balling my eyes out. Your love and affection and devotion to your beloved Frito Pie reminds me of how I felt about my beloved ragdoll Merlin who passed away January 19th of this year! My heart goes out to you, your wife and everyone else who has experience the loss of their constant furry companion. I just adopted two ragdoll kittens from Mable Roberts at Willow Tree Rags and although one of them looks like Merlin from behind, his face is different and he has his own personality. The other ragdoll is a cream colorpoint and he looks nothing like Merlin but is showing a gentleness that Merlin had. I just got them Saturday and I still haven’t named them but I am thinking of Oceane and Skye….the color of their eyes. Good luck with Milo! He will really help fill the hole in your heart! Rest in peace beautiful Frito Pie! Xoxo

  7. Barbara says:

    I had a Ragdoll named Hammie who looked identical to Frito. I mean IDENTICAL. I also had to have him put down after he became very ill – at the age of 19. These pictures bring him back. Reading the article and looking at those pictures made me cry. I miss Hammie, and I am sure you miss Frito.

  8. Patti Johnson says:

    Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful & loving story of your life with the beautiful Frito Pie. Please accept my sincere condolences on the loss of this beautiful member of your family. I know all too well how hard it is to let your favorite furry child go….

    It is obvious what a loving home Frito Pie had from the beautiful expressions on his face via the photos!

    I’m sitting her sniffling and tears are running down my face from reading a story filled with such love and devotion (from both sides)! Bless you for giving this gorgeous Ragdoll the loving and fun home he deserved!

    Big hugs (again!

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂

  9. Teresa says:

    All of us here are in tears reading your Frito’s story and empathize with your pain of having to do the thing that we fear the most – to let them go. Your touching story just resonates your complete and total love and caring both you and your wife gave to Frito because he was your child. The gentle way you allowed him to pass is a tribute to Frito and know that he is so grateful for your unselfish sacrifice even though it broke your heart. Am deeply touched by your story and really appreciate you sharing it with all of us. Brings back memories of my angel and having to let her go, one of the hardest things I have ever done. Frito’s photos are just stunning and can see you took so much care and love in choosing just the right pose and lighting with so much skill. Am really glad you got another little baby to share your life with and no, he is not a replacement, but he will bring you joy and bring laughter to you and your wife once again in honor of Frito. Best wishes always and can’t wait to see your new baby.

  10. Dementia Boy says:

    I have no words. I cannot fathom how you wrote so eloquently and intimately through such raw pain. What a beautiful tribute.

    My eyes are watery, but I am afraid that if I start crying I won’t stop. Thank you, Frito Pie, for having been in this world, for loving and being loved so completely.

    May you have many wonderful years with Milo.

  11. Betty says:

    Frito Pie was majestic! It is clear from how you shared your story how much you loved him – and how much he loved you. Thank you for sharing your story so openly. I hope Milo brings you many years of love and laughter.

  12. Cheryl says:

    So very sorry for your loss, I have been through it & know how devastating it is. Almost 6 years later I still think about my Persian baby & cry because I miss him. Mine died of liver cancer caused by pain medication given to him by a vet, he was 12 years old.

    Enjoy your new baby.

  13. Robin says:

    Like many other Floppycats members, your story made me cry, too. Your relationship with Frito is like mine with my Ariel, and I know that someday a similar situation may come up. Many years ago, we had a guinea pig with lung problems, whom I fed antibiotics with an eyedropper. She got worse (as is common with guinea pigs who have lung problems),and finally I was also feeding water to her via the eyedropper. Your story reminded me of all that. I was totally torn up about her passing. We did not get another pet for years. You are fortunate to get Milo now; he’s a different furry person, but he will certainly distract you from some of your grief!

  14. Karen says:

    Thank you so much for sharing Frito Pie with us.
    He was and always will be PRECIOUS!
    Milo will be also and in his own individual way.
    Many of us have shed tears over our furry friends passing and understand.
    I know Milo is a lucky kitty to have such wonderful parents.
    Remember, little ones will tire you out when you don’t have that familiar old routine yet established. He will make you laugh every day! Best wishes!

  15. patricia says:

    it’s so sad to lose your kitty, i think it’s the worst feeling. he was such a beautiful boy and the joy and love that he brought to your life will never die, ever and you will meet again i know. and your milo will also bring joy and love and you will love him dearly as well. i thought at one time i wasn’t going to have anymore cats after the pain of losing them was too much to bear but i realized that the pain of not having a cat in my life would be much worse. best to you and milo!

  16. Martha says:

    I was saddened by reading of Frito Pie’s cancer and death. You and your wife provided him with a loving home and happy life. I am happy that you will be blessed with Milo (and a blessing to Milo) as well. Frito Pie is absolutely beautiful.

  17. kelly says:

    This was tough to read. I bawled, I had to put my cat Gonzo down Nov 28 2013 at 8-1/2 yrs because of cancer. He was a big cat at 30 lbs and wasted away to 16lbs. My heart aches for your loss. I too have gotten another ragdoll ( actually 2 brothers) I love them dearly but I still miss my baby.

  18. Patty Plucker says:

    Oh gosh…not a dry eye in the house!!!!!!!! Your photos are remarkable. I love them so much. We don’t have a ragdoll yet but look forward to getting a kitten in the fall. Beautiful beautiful tribute to Frito Pie….I love him too!!! Kisses to Frito in Heaven. xoxox ~Patty

  19. Suzanne says:

    What a magnificent Ragdoll Frito Pie was! He obviously gave you lots of love and companionship, and you, him. It’s a true shame that they don’t live as long as we do.
    My Ragdoll’s are 5 & 6, and I also I have 3 large Parrots, aged 17, 32, & 37. They should all live that long♥

  20. Jan says:

    Reading your story brought tears to my eyes. You have my sympathy. We lost our cat December 26, 2013, to lymphoma. I understand your sense of loss completely. We, too, have gotten a Ragdoll kitten just this past weekend. We missed having a cat around the house.

  21. TerryLynn says:

    Your loss made me cry..I have a Persian named Abigail that I also think the world of, can’t imagine my life with out her! I truely know how much love you gave to your baby in Heaven! ❤️

  22. Lynn says:

    Thanks for sharing Frito’s story- what a beautiful boy, inside and outside. The final decision we make is the most loving, but most difficult, one we have as pet owners. Sharing those stories helps others facing the same issues.
    Congratulations on your new baby. Hope you’ll share Milo as the Ragdoll Kitten of the Month soon!

  23. shelia love says:

    I’m so glad that Frito Pie is the Ragdoll of the week 🙂 I am a fan of the Facebook group of Ragdoll Cats and I remember when Frito Pie passed and my heart just broke for the owners. He was such a beautiful cat and he was loved so much. Thank You for featuring this beautiful boy…

  24. ChristyB says:

    Frito Pie was a gorgeous cat which was captured by the remarkable photography.

    What a beautiful story, thank you for sharing your Frito Pie with us.

  25. Ragdoll Mommy says:

    Gosh, he was beautiful! I’m so sorry for his passing, his story made me cry. Thank you for loving him for 15 years. <3

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