Forget the Fancy Feast Persian!

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I have always wanted a cat, but my parents worried about the typical cat attitude problems such as scratching, yowling, and attacking other animals. However, Cosette has completely dismissed all of these myths. She has become not just my pet, but my best friend. My parents are currently divorcing and my mother and I are moving overseas. I am leaving behind a school I have attended for 10 years and life long friends, but I am confident it will be okay because Cosette will be there for me. Among the change and conflict, Cosette has been a pillar of stability, love, and laughter. She warms my heart when she paws at me to pick her up and makes me laugh when she randomly likes a status on facebook when playing on my keyboard. Cosette loves watching Madeline, a child’s show about 12 little french girls in Paris. When the bells chime in the intro she perks up and likes to bat at that birds that fly across the screen. She will sit on my desk and watch it for hours. Cosette has truly changed my life and even my family. One thing everyone agrees about in my family is that Cosette is adorable!

Kitty’s Name: Cosette
Name: Morgane

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