Why So Many Cat Food Manufacturers Are Wrong – The Foods You Should Avoid Feeding to Your Cat, and the Best Foods To Help Them Thrive

Many cat food manufacturers would tell you that their cat foods are the best choice for your kitty – and so many are either lying or just plain wrong. Plus, many small treats you might think are acceptable for your cat to occasionally snack on can be dangerous too.

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Dry Cat Food

Cats paws on dry food in a bowl.
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Dry cat food is one of the worst offenders – manufacturers will tell you it has everything your cat needs, but it is packed with grains and filler that a cat doesn’t need in their diet. 

Wet Cat Food

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Wet cat food is much better than dry food. However, it still often contains additives and unnecessary filler that bulk out the food so that it can be produced cheaply.


3 DIY Homemade Cat Food Recipes That Are Healthy Too FC fruit and veggie pic
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Cats are carnivorous, so they don’t need a diet containing vegetables. Wild cats have a tiny amount of vegetables in their food, which comes from the stomachs of their prey only, and it isn’t necessary.


Fruits and cats
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Fruits aren’t just unnecessary for cats – some of them are toxic. The citric acid found in some fruits can cause diarrhea, while grapes and raisins are highly toxic and can cause kidney failure.


Most salad items aren’t toxic or harmful to cats
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Most salad items aren’t toxic or harmful to cats. Still, the tiny amount of nutritional benefits they provide aren’t worth them being a part of your cat’s regular diet.


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Nuts aren’t typically toxic to cats, but they aren’t healthy either – they contain the wrong kinds of fats. Just like in humans, some cats can be allergic to nuts too.

Chocolate and Other Treats

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You should avoid sharing your candy bar with your cats – chocolate contains theobromine, an ingredient that humans can metabolize but kitty stomachs can’t, making it a toxin as it builds up.


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You know that stereotype about cats lapping up a bowl of milk? Bad idea – at least, cow’s milk is bad. Goat’s milk or kefir is OK, and it’s best that you buy it from a pet food manufacturer, usually at an independent pet store.

Bone Broth

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Bone broth sold pre-made in stores isn’t suitable for cats because of the salt and onion it contains. Bone broth sold in pet stores should be suitable.

Raw Food is Best

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The best food you can feed a cat is a raw food diet. Wild cats eat a raw diet, so providing one to your kitty is the most natural thing you can do.

Health Benefits of Raw Food

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The benefits of switching to a raw diet vary but can lead to improved digestion, stronger bones and teeth, reduced urinary and kidney infections, and increased energy levels.

Raw Food Options

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Raw food can be purchased fresh or frozen; freeze-dried raw treats are also available. You can use raw food as a whole meal, or there are toppers to add to existing meals.

Switching to Raw Food

Whole Life Pet Daily Supplements for Cats Product Review Addie and Ash eating digestive one
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Switching to any new cat food takes time as your cat adjusts. Be consistent with meal times, consider adding a natural broth, and play with your cat before feeding time to get them in the ‘hunting’ mood.

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