Floppycats.com Receives the Scaredy Cut Kit and Tiny Trim Scissor For Review

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Cat Grooming ToolsLast week we received the Scaredy Cut Kit and Tiny Trim Scissor For Review.  Scaredy Cut is the silent home pet grooming kit.  It’s simple and silent and non-vibrating – so it makes it easy for you and your kitty.

I first saw Scaredy Cut featured on Moderncat.net, and since Charlie and Trigg are long haired cats – they sometimes get matts, even in spite of my efforts to keep them well groomed and even though they keep themselves well-groomed as well.

I love, love the concept of this and we are very excited to try them out.

Charlie and Scaredy Cut Kit and Tiny Trim ScissorCharlie, in the mean time, decided to pose with the Scaredy Cut Kit and Tiny Trim Scissor – why?  Because he thinks he looks hot in HOT PINK.  That’s actually one of the things I really like about the kit – is that no cat is HOT PINK – so you will always be able to see the scissors and the trimmer.

Thanks to Scaredy Cut for sending this along to us!

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