Floppycats.com Receives the Loyal Luxe Native American Teepee for Review

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Cat PlaypensLast week, I was introduced to a pet product company that makes a lot of neat things for your pet with cardboard.

I’m always on the lookout for pet products that can be cat playpens, cat gyms and cat beds at the same time.

When I saw the Loyal Luxe Native American Teepee – I was immediately attracted to it.

So I requested one for a product review and received it the very next day!  I think the reason it came so fast is because I live in Kansas City and it shipped from St. Louis.

The first thing about this company is that I am fascinated by their website – you must go check Loyal Luxe out – it is so interesting – it’s one video after another of cats and dogs playing with their products.  So in a way, their products end up being interactive cat toys as well.

The Teepee comes completely folded down and you end up putting it together – which ends up taking about 5 minutes or less – it’s very easy.

The Loyal Luxe Native American Teepee retails for $24.00 and you can buy it on the Loyal Luxe website.

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Here’s a video I captured of us checking out the Teepee.  We will be doing a full product review on Loyal Luxe Native American Teepee in the coming weeks – if you have any questions in particular about it – be sure to leave a comment below.

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