Floppycats.com Receives the Kritter Kommunity Original for Product Testing

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Cat PlaypensLisa Illman of Kritter Kommunity contacted us to see if we wanted to do a review of her Kritter Kommunity Original outdoor cat enclosure – or you can even think of them as cat playpens.

I struggle with letting my cats outside – I know they like it and the fresh air is good for them, but I also know the risks involved. 

So when Lisa proposed this product, I was excited because it allows me to let my cats outside but also make sure they are safe while I might be raking leaves or gardening.  Of course, I allow my cats to run around my back yard – but if I work in my front yard – they are not allowed because I don’t have a way to keep them enclosed.  However, the Kritter Kommunity Original might be my new answer to this problem.

Kritter Kommunity Original Cat PlaypensThe Kritter Kommunity Original comes in the black storage case pictured above.  It is neatly packed in there and is easy to take out and put back, for that matter – someone was thinking when they designed this sucker!

It was super easy to setup – so much so that Bill (my boyfriend) and I didn’t look at the instructions until we had already set it up!  And really the "setup" involves little to no work – it’s super easy.

Once it was set up, we put the cats inside of it, but didn’t realize that we also needed to put pins in the doors, so Charlie was able to get out without the pin being in there.  You can see how this happened when I was recording the video of the cats in the outdoor cat enclosure:

Here’s a photo I took of Charlie and Trigg in their cat playpen from Kritter Kommunity:
Kritter Kommunity Original - Cat Playpens
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