Floppycats.com Receives Petmate Carriers for Product Reviews

Post Published on December 12, 2010 | Last Updated on December 12, 2010 by Jenny

Petmate Carriers for Product ReviewsOn Friday, we received two different pet carriers from Petmate to try out for product testing.  Most people have heard of Petmate, but a lot of folks do not know about the variety of products they have nor do they know of the variety of pet carriers that they make.

Since Ragdolls are larger cats, they need bigger carriers.  So I asked Petmate if they would be willing to send carriers to product test that were big enough for my kitties to fit into.  I am excited they were willing to send us some carriers to test out.

They sent us two different carriers to try out.  We got their:

Here’s a quick video I captured of Trigg sitting inside of the carriers (that aren’t put together) inside the box they came in:


Thank you to Petmate for sending us these carriers to product test!

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