Floppycats.com Receives Catty Stacks – Cat House System To Product Review

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Cardboard Climber for catsWe asked Catty Stacks if they would be cool enough to send us their cat house system to product test.  After all, cats like height and we are always on the lookout for something cool that works as cat climbers.

This great cardboard climber for cats is eco-friendly – not only is it made of recycled materials but it is also recyclable.
Trigg in the box that the Catty Stack Cat Climbers came inThe colors of the boxes are made from a soy-based ink and hardware are those office binder clips, so they are reusable.

We found putting it together to be a breeze – it is easy to move and to relocate to another position in your home.

I knew Trigg would love it because like all cats he loves boxes.  I like too that you can add and replace the boxes over time and that it promotes exercise for Trigg.

Here’s a video I snapped of us opening the box the the cat house system came in:

We’re excited to product test this cat house system – thank you, Catty Stacks, for sending it to us!

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