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image_5I love getting emails from readers – especially ones like this where they have found something that is working for them and their kitty!  So, I wanted to share:

“Hi there,
I love all of your reviews, let me just say 🙂 I bought the Litter Lifter before Sookie arrived & have been using it since she’s been home & I do love it. The reviews were too great to try anything else. I have a couple suggestions as well. First off, my litter box is the most fantastic box. It’s the “Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan” that I ordered off of Amazon. Less than $30 & free shipping with amazon prime. It’s hooded, yes, but not really. The middle top opens so far back that it all gets plenty of air circulation. I especially like how huge it is, the perfect size for our bigger-boned Ragdolls!

image_4The only treats so far that Sookie likes, and now loves (a lot) are “freeze dried shrimp” by Simply Nourish. She comes running whenever she hears me get the bag out. Also the “Cat Tree Post Scratcher” by Best Choice Products (also found on Amazon) is definitely amazing. Again, under $30 & it was simple to put together, no tools needed. There are two scratchy areas, both with different textures, & Sookie enjoys them both. Yes, the toy mouse came off within 45 seconds but whatever, it’s now a new toy in her toy basket. The top part is small, meant for a kitten or regular sized cat that likes to curl up in a tight-squeezed spot. The entire unit isn’t very big but it’s the perfect size for Sooks to perch in front of the window & hang out with her big brother, Sammy. I’ve attached pictures, I hope this helps for any future product reviews!

image_3 image_2 image_1


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3 thoughts on “Floppycats’ Reader Cat Product Recommendations

  1. DeidreC says:

    I just ordered the Catit Jumbo box yesterday and I’m expecting it to arrive on Monday with Amazon Prime. My son and daughter-in-law use it and love it and I’m just hoping to get a big enough box for my 8 mos old male who weighs 12 lbs! I like that the top folds back for ease of scooping and good circulation.

  2. Patti Johnson says:

    Thanks for sharing Jessica’s e-mail, Jenny! 🙂

    Jessica, thanks for sharing your information with all of us Floppycat devotees! Lurve the name “Sookie” for your beautiful kitty! She’s a jewel for sure! Also, the picture of her and Sammy is AWESOME! I really enjoyed reading your info and looking at the lovely pictures!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂

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