Floppycats Launches Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign!

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Check Out Floppycats Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign!

Floppycats Ragdoll Cat Blog Indiegogo Campaign Video

Today I am VERY excited to announce some exciting news! I have been talking about it for years now – and it’s finally a reality! We have launched our first ever crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

When I started Floppycats in 2008, it was a labor of love and a fun hobby in my free time. As many of you know, it has grown into much more than that. It has grown into it’s own community of cat lovers – and more. The site has reached a point where I need your help in order to grow it to the next level – to be able to offer you guys more reviews, more giveaways, hopefully better ways for all of us to communicate, etc.

The campaign goal is $10,000 to help fund reconstruction and needed technical updates for the website.

For those of you who have followed us for some time, you know I have been thinking about a crowdfunding campaign for some time.

For those of you unfamiliar with crowdfunding, here’s a definition I found on the Internet, “Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people.”  There are various websites that allow you to launch these campaigns and reach the most people – we chose to use Indiegogo.  It is one of the more popular ones and offered options that worked the best for us.

As you all know, Floppycats is the online resource for Ragdoll Cat information, bringing together a community of over 60,000 Ragdoll cats and their owners.

In 2008, my childhood cat Rags was diagnosed with Lymphoma at 15. Like any dedicated owner, I sought out information and support to give my Rags the best care, and get myself through the ordeal emotionally. I found a lot of information and a great community of people who had been through similar circumstances and had sound advice. What I did not find was a central meeting place, a hub where Ragdoll cat lovers worldwide could convene to share their love of and experience with their feline companions. I set about creating just that, and Floppycats was born.

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Over the past eight years, Floppycats has grown exponentially. Now, we regularly receive more than 60,000 visitors to our site each month, have of 34,000 Facebook friends, 18,500+ YouTube Subscribers, 4,900+ Twitter followers, and are at the center of so many more positive Ragdoll cat interactions happening around the web.

Our subscribers share their stories, pictures and videos. They get advice about health issues affecting Ragdolls. They participate in giveaways for great Cat Products. They read reviews of the latest cat products from collars to catnip. And they connect to each other through Facebook, YouTube and comments.

All of these great interactions are making the Ragdoll cat community stronger and more cohesive, and I’ve met some incredible people along the way.

Floppycats is now, and will always be free for all of our users. We make a subsistence income from advertising, which allows me to keep the site up and running, but does not leave a lot of room for re-investment. A lot has changed since I first launched Floppycats over eight years ago. Technology has barreled forward, and we have tried to keep up with the times. However, in order to best serve our dedicated community of cat lovers well into the future, we need to make some significant improvements to the Floppycats experience.

The changes we want to make to Floppycats.com are going to take some money, and we’re asking you, our loyal supporters to help out. If every one of our Facebook fans donated just $.50, we would have more than enough to take Floppycats to the next level – 50 cents!!

With your help in funding this Indiegogo campaign, I know that we can reach our goal of $10,000 to invest in the site for the benefit of all of our users. With this money, we’re going to make significant improvements to enhance the user experience, expand upon our most popular content, introduce new features and give more back to our community.

Thank you so much for your support.

The campaign will run for 35 days, ending on December 7.

Support our campaign here.


My dad wanted help in knowing how to donate without having to create an account on Indiegogo or PayPal, so here are instructions:

  1. Go to campaign page here
  2. Click on Magenta Pink “Back It” button
  3. Enter amount you want to back the campaign for.
  4. Click on “Check Out”
  5. You can check out as a Guest via Paypal or Log In if you have an exisiting Indiegogo account and you can choose how you want your contribution appearance to appear – your Full Name, Anonymous or Other
  6. If you choose PayPal, you will not need to create an account on Indiegogo. Enter your full name and your email in the boxes provided and once that info is provided, a magenta pink “Continue to PayPal” will appear.
  7. Once on the PayPal page, you can login into your PayPal account (if you have one) or checkout as a guest and fill in your credit card details as well as billing address. You can also unclick “Save this information with a PayPal account” so that you do not have to create a PayPal account.
  8. Once all your credit card details have been entered, click on the orange/yellow button – “Review and Continue”
  9. A new screen will open up, showing the amount you have proposed and then click on the blue underlined “Continue” so you don’t have to create a PayPal account

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