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Post Published on December 8, 2010 | Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Did you know that we are on Facebook?  Yup, if you cannot get enough of Floppycats.com, then you definitely want to check out our Facebook page because not only do I post the every day Floppycats.com postings, but I also put links to posts that come up on the Floppycats.com blog.

Floppycats.com on Facebook

For example, when a product comes for review, we do a quick arrival post about opening it on the blog and then I paste a link to that post on Facebook .

Also, upcoming Floppycats.com product reviews are on Facebook  as well as a list of the giveaways.

Our Facebook  page is also a great way to interact with other Ragdoll lovers and  communicate with other Ragdoll cat owners. 

My goal is to have 500 “likes” to our Facebook by December 31st.  Do you think we can do?  Will you help by sharing the page with your friends?

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