Announcing Floppycats 2016 Holiday Cat Lover Gift Guide!

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Floppycats 2016 Holiday Cat Lover Gift Guide

Announcing the Floppycats 2016 Holiday Cat Lover Gift Guide!  This guide is an ultimate guide to great cat products, many of which we have personally tested.  Many bloggers charge manufacturers a fee to be included in their gift guide.  I don’t believe in that (because as a consumer that would really annoy me!) – I choose products that I like and have mostly reviewed and ones I think deserve to be in such a guide.

Our Holiday Cat Lover Gift Guide features cat toys, cat games, cat treats, cat beds, cat towers, cat scratchers, cat dishes, cat stocking stuffers and more. They are listed under various categories that are bolded to set them apart from one another. Under each listing are 2-3 links – one to our review of the product, one to a YouTube video we’ve done with the product and a third link to where you can buy it. Please note: product pricing may fluctuate from the time the guide was made. The price listed is to give an idea of how much the product costs. If the manufacturer is offering a discount code this year, I have included that as well. For those listings that don’t have all three, it means we just haven’t reviewed them or didn’t do a YouTube video during our review.

I hope you enjoy our ultimate cat product gift guide and please do let me know if you find such a guide helpful.

Floppycats 2016 Holiday Cat Gift Guide

Check Out Floppycats 2016 Holiday Cat Gift Guide Here.

Holiday Cat Lover Gift Guide Categories:

  • Cat Toys and Games
  • Cat Treats
  • Cat Beds
  • Trees, Perches and Towers
  • Cat Scratchers Cardboard and Sisal
  • Cat Feeding Dishes and Water Fountains
  • Cat Stocking Stuffers
  • Cat Litter Box Items
  • Cat Grooming Tools
  • Books

Hope you enjoy it – and please let me know in the comments below what products you’d include if you were to make a Holiday Cat Lover Gift Guide.

Check Out Floppycats 2016 Holiday Cat Gift Guide Here.

Side Note: The crazy couponer in me had to share – when clicking through on several of the products to double check that all of the links worked, I noticed some products were discounted even further for Black Friday/Cyber Monday stuff.  So the prices I have included might be even less than listed, so worth the click through if you’re interested in it.

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    1. thanks, patti – what do you think of this thing? it’s a massive amount of work (and then i have to pay someone to put it together into a fast loading PDF, etc. as I don’t know how to do that) – and I wonder if people really care or not about it.

      1. You are most welcome, Jenny! I really like this and not just as a Holiday Gift Guide but as an all around Gift Guide! I can tell you put a lot of hard work and research into it and I really appreciate it. I’m going to use it as a quick reference guide to update my Amazon Kitty Wish List and others I have for Etsy & I think it’s really brilliant to have everything in this one guide! 🙂 <3

  1. I love the guide just as an all around “go to” when I want to get my babies something to play with,lay on,bunny kick,chase or sit on :).
    Jenny,you can tell it took awhile to make up this list. I changed to Dr Elsey’s Precious Cat litter because of you (LOVE),gotten two of the Petstages Snuggle and Rest because of you (Kittie love these),Turbo Scratcher,Neko flies,Catty Stacks,Karma Infinity Scratcher,Smartycat tall scratching post and a Urban Paw Luna Cuddler all because you thought they were worthy of our cats playing with or on them.I really want a PawNosh bowl but can’t afford just yet,I know I’ll get one one day. I look forward to your next gift guide,Jenny 🙂 Hugs to Charlie,Chiggadoo,Ash and Addie,Caymus and Murphy and you and Amy,hope you had a great Thanksgiving !!!

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