Fling-Ama-String Cat Toy

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Moody Pet Fling-Ama-String Cat ToyIt is not a secret that cats of all ages and sizes just love to play with things that move around and they love to play with it even more when they know it is a special toy for them. Fling-Ama-String Cat Toy is award winning. A long bright blue cord is connected to a white converter belt that is constantly rotating, making the string move to fling in and out. 

Cats will just love to play with this as once they caught hold of the string, it will stop but when they let go it starts turning all over again. There is a choice of two speeds so you can use either to suit the strength of your feline. This improves the paw and eye coordination of your feline so the next time you have a pesky mouse in your house, your cat will be sure to get it. 
Fling-Ama-String Cat Toy can be hanged on a door knob and only uses 3 AA batteries. If you are tired of dangling cat toys tied the end of a string or your feline pet is has lost interest in most of their string cat toys, why not give them this cat toy that they can enjoy for a very long time without you exerting any effort? 
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