Fizzion Drop & Mop Review

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Fizzion Drop and Mop Concentrated Cleaner Mopping Tablets
Fizzion Drop and Mop Concentrated Cleaner Mopping Tablets

As you already know, I love Fizzion Pet Stain Remover, so when Fizzion contacted me about reviewing their new Fizzion Drop & Mop tablets, I was definitely game!

Fizzion Drop & Mop tablets are little tablets that you drop into a bucket of water and then they fizz until the whole bucket is smelling awesome.  You can also drop it in one of the refillable spray mops too – so it’s super convenient.

I thought it cleaned really, really well – in fact, so well that it cleaned by grout without me asking it to – bonus!  I also love the smell of it – I loved that the smell filled my house – it’s a fresh/clean smell…which is a smell I love.  I will definitely be using it more in the future, but I still don’t have complete understanding of whether or not it’s safe for your kitties to walk on and then clean their feet.  So, I did go over my floors twice more with water to get off any access cleaner.

You can buy it online for $6.99 on Fizzion’s website or buy a huge bucket of the tablets on Amazon for $30.

Here’s our arrival video:

Here’s our final review video:

During the review process, I asked Fizzion a few questions:

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How do people know it’s safe to use on floors with cats (who lick their paws)?

The Material Safety Data Sheet is being updated and will be published on our website as soon as it is available.

Other than floor cleaning, what else does it clean?  For example, I found that it cleans my grout well.

Good catch!  It works well on hard surface flooring and grout.  Can’t think of anything else that we’ve specifically tested it on.

Is this the same formula as the carpet stain stuff?

No, this is a different formula.

I like the idea of reduced water shipment, but I can see readers saying, “yes, less water but more plastic wrappers with each tablet being individually wrapped.”

For both Drop & Mop and our Pet Stain and Odor Remover, you can compare the packaging for a tablet to the bottle the cleaner would normally come in.  The Pet Stain and Odor Remover allows you to reuse the same plastic bottle instead of throwing them away.  For spray mops, there are two varieties.  One is a bottle that is inserted into the mop…used…and thrown away.  Our product allows you to utilize the refillable kind of spray mop.  To refill these mops, you may use a bottled cleaner.  Compared to this bottled cleaner, the packaging on a tablet is minimal.

Anything else you’d like me to add about the product?

If anyone has specific product questions or cleaning questions, they can always contact us at 1-800-280-2695 (U.S. Toll Free).  Or they can “Ask Dr. Fizz” by submitting their question on our website.

We received the Fizzion Drop & Mop Review from the manufacturer. Receiving the free product did not influence this post.


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