Fishy Boxed Cat Beds

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Woodz Creations has some pretty neat and creative designs when it comes to beds for cats. By now Cat House Combo Bed or Litter Box Cover Fish Designyou’re probably used to the ones found locally, some claiming to be made of luxurious cloths. You may even have given in and bought one only to find your cat ignoring its very existence. Such is the life! Woodz Creations’ beds seem a bit different from the rest though. For starters, they use enclosed boxes. This allows your cat a certain degree of privacy. In time, this box will become their familiar, relaxing place when the world gets too overwhelming (e.g. you have some friends over).

These cat products give you a variety of options too. You can choose the color and style of the box. Each is custom made (requiring 7 to 14 business days for this) from wood and features cute designs of swimming fish. In fact, the opening of the Cat House Combo Bed is shaped like a fish. There is certainly plenty of airflow in this design while Cat House Combo Bed or Litter Box Cover Fish Design2maintaining a significant amount of privacy at the same time.

Now keep in mind, this unique cat furniture doesn’t come with any padding or blankets in it, so you’ll have to choose a material that works best for your cat. One of the coolest parts about Woodz Creations’ cat houses are that they double as counter tops. You could consider placing a basket of your cat’s favorite toys on top of the house for easy access.

You can purchase the Cat House Bed Fish Design on for $119.00.


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