Fish Oil for Cats and More from Arcanatura

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Charlie with Arcanatura ProductsA few weeks ago now, I rec’d an e-mail from Arcanatura (pronounced ARCA-NUH-CHURA) asking me if I would like to review their products.  I checked out their website and then after a conversation with them, I agreed to have some sent to me to check out.  Unfortunately, with these sorts of products, I don’t think you can really "review" it without doing blood work or something or over a period of years.  So I wanted to feature the products because it sounds like the vets that started this company have done their homework (and the years of research).

I love that these are all natural pet products.  I already know that Trigg, my blue lynx mitted Ragdoll, has sensitivities to things, so I like that there are options out there, should I need them.

They sent us their:

The goal of Arcanatura is to treat the root of the problem, not the symptom.  Please see the video below for more information.

Full review to come on the main site!

Do you have any questions for the folks over at Arcanatura?

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