FIP Research Raffle from the Bria Fund

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Rags and Cosby
Rags and Cosby (Cosby died of FIP)

Cat enthusiasts who have experienced FIP firsthand and those who know about it know for certain it’s no joking matter. FIP, or feline infectious peritonitis is a fatal disease that unfortunately many kittens end up contracting. There is, as of yet, no cure for FIP, nor even a treatment that is particularly effective. This is a huge problem for our cats, and to show solidarity, the Winn Feline Foundation created the Bria Fund in order to receive funding for extensive FIP research. The Bria Fund is named after the kitten Bria, who was only nine months old at the time, passed away due to FIP.

How can I help?
The Bria Fund accepts donations to fund their research, and they are now hosting a raffle. For every $5 you donate to the fund, you will receive a raffle ticket. Those who choose to donate through the Facebook Support FIP Research Cause will be sent their ticket number(s) via e-mail. Those who choose to donate through the Winn Feline Foundation are encouraged to send a Facebook message to Susan Gingrich, the founder of the Bria Fund to let her know the date you donated and how much, then you will be sent the tickets via e-mail.

This Raffle for Research will last from July 1st of 2013 until September 30th 2013. Winners will be announced on October 5th of 2013 and immediately notified, as well as asked for shipping information so that they can receive their items.

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  1. Thank you for posting this – every little bit helps fund great research for stopping or finding a cure for this terrible disease. I lost my just 1 year old Flame mitted Ragdoll in May of this year. I do not wish the heartbreak of this disease on anyone.

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