Finning (in the sink) owned by Justine Hague

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Ragdoll cat in sinkThis is my cat Finning, he is a seal mitted ragdoll and is almost 6months old. He was born on March 19th at Lissys Ragdolls in Hannah Alberta Canada. I waited 7 months to get my beloved ragdoll (not including the 8 years I wanted but couldn't have one) and in May 2013 my dreams came true. I wanted a ragdoll because of their loving nature and their full personality. Finn has been nothing but a pure delight to have in my life since the day i got him! He has developed an amazing personality that i can't way enough about. He will sleep on my pillow at night and when my alarm goes off in the morning he will purr and lick my face until i get up to feed him. He will sit on command for treats. He will play for hours on end with my dog and will even chase smaller dogs when they are visiting. Finn is always by my side when i brush my teeth, playing in the water and sitting in the sink. He comes when he's called and is an all around gentlemen. He also loves being outside so i will put his harness and leash on and he hangs out in the backyard with us. Finn has been everything and more that i wanted in a cat – i even catch my "anti-cat" boyfriend talking to Finn and playing with him when he doesn't know i'm watching. Finn's nicknames are Monkey, Monster, and my Handsome Prince.

Kitty's Name: Finning
Name: Justine Hague
Where: Canada

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