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Over the past ten years I had been taking in elderly Siamese (10 & up; 5 total) and after losing my last one, it was just too much. So, I decided on a kitten and seeing how my husband wasn’t too keen on the talkative nature of the Siamese I researched the Ragdoll and fell in love. We found a breeder and got our first, Floki; a male seal point kitten who passed away after only two weeks with us.
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It was a very ‘freak’ condition, his intestine inverted on itself at the junction of the small and large intestine. I contacted the breeder immediately after the vet took Floki in for surgery. If the inversion had been anywhere else, the vet said he would have a good chance at a normal life, but due to the location of where it had folded back on itself, Floki would have a life time of intestinal infections and pain. Collectively, we decided that it was best to let him go. I was heartbroken. The breeder took full responsibility and offered us our money back. She was also very kind and supportive and assured us that we had made the right decision. After a while we decided on getting another kitten from her and I’m so glad we did! Finnegan and Maggie - Ragdolls of the Week 4522 Welcome the Monsters; meet Finnegan & Maggie, brother and sister born 5/10/18. I love the song ‘Maggie May’ by Rod Stewart and Finn was a nice Irish compliment to Maggie. As kittens they would spend most of the time lounging on my desk as I work from home. Now that they are older, they tend to slumber most of the day away, still in my office, but in the often fought over, very expensive cat bed; the cardboard box! Not the nice cat tree or felted wool cat bed. Finnegan and Maggie - Ragdolls of the Week maggie Their favorite toys are the catnip filled ‘macaroons’ (amazon) and the yellow bananas that Jenny recommended. Actually, all of her recommendations have been spot on. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job, that safari comb is fantastic when it comes to snarls. The other life saver has been Vitality Science; what a wonderful company! Finnegan and Maggie - Ragdolls of the Week IMG_6708(1) As kittens they had very loose stool and back end baths in the sink almost daily. On the recommendation Vitality Science, I changed them over to wet food (Instinct in rabbit) and a daily dose of the Pet Flora and they are so much better now. I never thought that I would be excited about ‘tootsie-rolls’ in the litter box! Finnegan and Maggie - Ragdolls of the Week maggie Maggie, is my husband’s girlfriend, she really does love him. If he gets up, she takes his spot on the couch, and here she is on his pillow! Her fur is very long and fine and Finn’s coat is denser and short. I enjoyed your vlog about the differences in Charlie and Trigg’s coats. Once we started to pet Maggie with a firmer stroke, she stopped shying away from us. Finnegan and Maggie - Ragdolls of the Week 20180930_115942Finn, also known as ‘Fluff’, is my guy. Here he is helping me with the laundry and sharing a nap with the dog. He kind of snuck up on Molly while she was asleep and decided that it looked like a good idea. Normally the dog will surrender both her bed and crate to Finn. Finnegan and Maggie - Ragdolls of the Week 20181118_184301 I’ve had cats all my life, but Ragdolls are simply a wonderful improvement on the cat in general. If you are contemplating getting one, follow Jenny’s advise and do your research, but do get one. I am so happy we did.
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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. What cute lil furkids!

  2. Debra Ann says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. What a kind and giving soul you are! I hope your beautiful babies live long, healthy lives. I have loved and owned kitties my entire life, but have just started looking into a Ragdoll. I just signed up for the newsletter today, so I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask this question. Have you heard anything about Three Rivers Ragdolls in Pittsburgh, PA? They are a breeder near me and have a couple litters coming in October. I just lost my beloved tabby, Tony, in July and have been heartbroken and lost without him. Any info you can provide or if you can recommend a breeder near the Pittsburgh area it would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!

    1. Pamela Anderson says:

      Sorry this is so late, but I dont know of that breeder.

  3. Sandra J Johnson says:

    Delightful story and photos of Finn and Maggie! Thank you for sharing! And yes, us Ragdoll lovers are so right: if you want a snuggle buddy and a laundry helper, go for a Ragdoll! Plus they are sweet tempered, bunny soft and so affectionate! Once again, thanks for sharing your kitties with us.
    Sandra and Hannity

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