Finding the Perfect Cat Window Perch

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Has anyone ever met a cat who didn't like window perches? For a long time, cat window perches have been available to give your lovely pet visual access to what's going on outside. Cats are very curious creatures, and buying a perch can provide them hours of entertainment as they sit mesmerized by birds flying from tree to tree and children playing in yards. This is incredibly helpful if you have an indoor cat. You want your buddy to be safe inside, but you don't want to deprive him of all the good things nature has to offer.

K&H cat window perch Many of the perches available also double as a cat window bed. This is great because instead of buying a perch and a cat bed, you can spend money on one that can be used as both. K&H offers a few different types of these 2-for-1 deals in various colors to best match your living space – like the K&H Kitty Sill Deluxe Bolster Cat Bed, 14-Inch by 24-Inch, Tan Kitty Print . Even if you don't buy a model specifically made to function as a bed as well, it's likely that if your perch is carpeted, you'll catch your cat napping on it. It may not seem like the most comfortable spot to us, but it must have something going for it if our cats insist on sleeping there!

SmartCat Multi-Level Cat Climber Some cat climbing trees can also serve as window perches. Many of them feature designs with carpeted shelves at one foot intervals. If you set these trees next to the window, your cat will actually be able to lounge on a lower shelf or even climb up for a better view. SmartCat has a multi-level climber that is sure to catch your cat's attention – SmartCat Multi-Level Cat Climber .

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