Hemingway – Feral Kitty

Last Updated on September 9, 2021 by Jenny

FloppycatsThis is the kind of story you read or hear about; a homeless person with no place to call home, living off the streets during bitter cold and miserable heat. They buy a lottery ticket, and in the blinking of an eye, their life changes forever. This is kitty’s story. He went from wandering the neighborhood eating who knows what to premium kibble and a makeshift kitty shelter. He won in the lottery of life! He is not a Ragdoll cat but is just as appreciated and loved for his sweetness and the adoration he bestows upon me for my generosity and kindness.

Kitty’s Name: Hemingway
Name: Audrey

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2 thoughts on “Hemingway – Feral Kitty

  1. Beth says:

    Hemingway also looks like our Prince Charles, another rescue kitty. Another happy story! Three handsome black tomcats with good homes now (including Donna’s Shadow above)…

  2. Donna & Morgan says:

    I love stories like this – and he looks so much like our feral Shadow. Just because a cat is feral and fears humans – doesn’t mean they don’t share a special kind of love with their caregivers. Shadow rolls over and meows so silly. Just don’t try to touch him. We love him a lot

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