Felt Rollers Cat Toys by Moderncat Studio

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Felt Rollers Cat Toys by Moderncat StudioCats love pouncing on things, scratching, jumping on, and preying on little toys. This tiny little chic cat toys are bright and cheery specially designed toys that cats love. The shape and design allows them to roll around and stop when your cats wants them to, so it makes play time a little less frustrating for them.  

Felt Rollers Cat Toys by Moderncat Studio measure two inches and have four ends so your cat’s paws can wrap around it for more enjoyment and exercise. This toy is simple yet unique and perfect for any cat. You can fling these in the air and they can twirl in the air for awhile as your cat may watch or try to catch it with their paws or mouth.

Tiny yet sturdy, made with felt, and a hip design these toys are perfect if you want to replace the regular balls you might give but they’ll loose it because it rolls away when they’re not looking. 

These Felt Rollers Cat Toys come in a packet of 3, and the color combinations are light blue, lemon yellow, and orange. 

There are many new cat products that can make life more fun for your pet like these toys by Moderncat Studio. 

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