Feliway 48-Milliliter Plug-in Refill

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Feliway 48-Milliliter Plug-In Refills, 6 RefillsAlthough a Ragdoll cat is known to be a quiet and docile animal it too, like other felines is territorial, marking its space with such behavior as vertical scratching and urinating. No owner wants to watch the cat scratch furniture. Now, Feliway is the perfect cat product to dissuade such unwanted behavior.    

Feliway acts as an artificial pheromone to keep your feline in a state of calm and give it a sense of familiarity by imitating the cat’s natural pheromones. The Feliway plug-in diffuses this artificial pheromone and can be plugged into most any common household outlet.

The Feliway diffuser usually lasts about four weeks and although some may last longer depending on the air environment and location, they should generally be changed at the fourth week as the device will never completely empty. This is simply because at a certain point it cannot connect with the wick.

The Feliway 48-Milliliter Plug-in refill for your diffuser provides a fast and convenient resource to replace your Feliway plug-in ensuring there is enough on hand in cases of unexpected changes in your cat’s environment.

If you are wondering if Feliway is safe, know that it has been tested and approved by Underwriters Laboratories. Rest assured that it is perfectly safe for humans and will not affect your other pets as other species are not controlled by pheromones. Yet it will add to your sense of calm and well-being because when your cat is happy and calm, you tend to be happy too.

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