Feline Joint Pain and How Scruffy Paws Hip ’n Joint Vitalize Can Help

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Cats may be the lithe and athletic ninjas of the animal kingdom, but that doesn’t make them immune from hip and joint problems. In fact, cats become remarkably prone to hip and joint injury as they age. Recent studies have found that over 90 percent of cats over the age of 12 experience degenerative joint disease.

It’s not the happiest of thoughts for devoted cat owners, but the sad reality is that, sooner or later, our feline friends are likely to experience some level of hip and joint discomfort.

Which leads us to the question: Is there something we can do about it?

Three Things You Need To Know About Your Cat’s Hip and Joint Health

Before we can answer that though, there are a few basic facts you should know about your cat’s joint health.

1. Cat Joint Problems Are Hard to Detect

A lot of cat owners are shocked (and sometimes even guilt-stricken) to learn their graceful and light-footed companion is living with a degenerative joint condition. The common refrain among cat-owners is “how could I have missed this for so long?”

However, there is no need to beat yourself up about it.

Unfortunately, joint problems — and for that matter, pain conditions generally — are spectacularly difficult to diagnose in cats. And for this, you can blame evolution. Cats instinctively hide their pain.

Masters of adaptation, cats will carefully compensate for their growing aches and frailties. Even if you’re extremely observant, you’re unlikely to identify where your cat hurts, and how much.

2. They’re Also Difficult to Treat

The second thing you should know is that joint problems in cats can be difficult to treat. Pain relief is certainly an option, and research suggests it is generally effective. However long-term medical pain relief comes with a big “but”.

According to The American Veterinarian Website, while a range of pharmaceutical pain-relief options is available for cats, these need to be managed carefully. Pain medication may lead to a shopping list of unpleasant side effects, including chronic kidney disease.

In other words, sure, you can prescribe pain relief to manage joint pain, but it isn’t a simple matter of slipping your cat a pill to make their joint problems disappear. It’s just not that simple.

3. (Here’s The Good News) … Joint Pain Can Be Prevented and Managed

Which brings us to the big take-home message, and the one thing all cat-owners should remember when it comes to feline joint pain.

Research has consistently found that dietary supplements can help reduce your bewhiskered companion’s joint problems, keeping your cat more energetic and mobile, even as they progress into older age.

So now you’re up to speed! Joint problems are:

  • Extremely common in older cats
  • Hard to detect (thanks to your cat’s natural sneakiness!)
  • Difficult to treat with pain-relief medication alone
  • Avoidable, in large part, with the right nutritional supplements.

Keep Your Cat Limber With Scruffy Paws Hip ’n Joint Vitalize

Feline Joint Pain and How Scruffy Paws Hip ’n Joint Vitalize Can Help DSC_9898

Which now leads things onto the Scruffy Paws Hip ’N Joint Vitalize drops.

Let’s be real here. Both in human and pet health, we hear a lot about how different nutrients can improve health outcomes. Some of these claims are spot on, while other claims are either over-inflated or simply false.

The great thing about this Scruffy Paws product is that it’s ingredients are scientifically-backed. (Take a look at the joint supporting ingredients here).

The main ingredients of Hip ’n Joint Vitalize (glucosamine, methylsulfonylmethane, taurine, chondroitin sulfate, ascorbic acid, and sodium hyaluronate) have been found efficacious in maintaining healthy joints. They’re real ingredients, and they’re proven to work.

Scruffy Paws Hip’ n Joint Vitalize is filled with active ingredients that are proven to protect, relieve and rejuvenate your cat’s joints. The product is great to use at any age to support good joint health, but it’s particularly useful for older cats over the age of eight or so.

Two Drops and You’re Done

Feline Joint Pain and How Scruffy Paws Hip ’n Joint Vitalize Can Help DSC_9883

If you’re a cat parent, a question you’re probably asking is how easy is it to use?

The truth is, convincing a cat to swallow something it doesn’t want in its mouth is a nightmare. Cats are willful. They’re also almost supernaturally good at avoiding oral medications once that stubborn streak kicks in.

The Hip n Joint Vitalize Drops aim to make this process as easy as possible in two ways:

First, the supplement comes in a liquid form. Liquids are way easier to administer than tablets or pastes, and you only need to use one to two drops per day. And because it is liquid, it’s also supremely easy to mix in with existing food or drinking water. So the first big tick for ease-of-use is that Hip ’n Joint Vitalize comes in an easy-to-administer form.

And secondly, the supplement is beef flavoured, which is a lot more palatable that joint supplements that are without flavouring and purely medicinal.

What Makes This Product So Good for Pets?

It really boils down to a few things:

  • It’s scientifically formulated, so you know it’ll actually do your feline good, keeping most cats mobile and spry for longer (head to the product page and check out the scientific backing here).
  • It actually tastes good on its own, so once your little gourmand figures out that stuff in the dropper is actually a treat, they’ll be lining up for the stuff.
  • It’s formulated with human-grade ingredients. Everything in this supplement is subject to rigorous quality control.

What Makes It So Good for Pet Owners?

Feline Joint Pain and How Scruffy Paws Hip ’n Joint Vitalize Can Help DSC_9906

To put it simply, you won’t dread giving this stuff to your cat!

It’s easy to administer and a cinch to mix into your cat’s current diet. That means you can rest-assured Scruffy Paws Hip ’n Joint Vitalize won’t languish unused at the back of your cat’s medicine cabinet.

You also benefit from the peace-of-mind that this supplement is a known quantity. The product is fully US-made, comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and is sold by a company that has a proven track record of caring about the quality of its product and the well-being of its many opposing-digit challenged customers.

Want to see the Hip n Joint Vitalize in Action?

The Bottom Line

Degenerative joint conditions are extremely common among cats, especially those of a … more “senior” persuasion. Sure, medications are out there but the research is clear: prevention is far better than cure.

One of the best things you can do for your cat is to help them maintain healthy joints, and here the right supplement can make a huge difference.

Scruffy Paws Hip ’n Joint Vitalize is a quality, scientifically-formulated product. It’s manufactured to strict standards in the US, and cat owners overwhelmingly report that it just works.

The bottom line: it’s well worth giving this stuff a try! Head over to the Scruffy Paws site here and check it out!

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