Feline Furniture’s Kitty Hawk

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Kitty Hawk Feline FurnitureThe Kitty Hawk cat playpens activity center is one of several cats products that you can buy and is perfect for sleepy, regal or hyper kitties since they can get comfy, hide, or even jump up and down from their new unique cat furniture. This cat product is no ordinary piece of feline furniture because it looks similar to a flying bi-plane. The condo is like the cockpit since they can go inside, peer out, rest or nap and it is made cozier for the pet as there is an entrance that facilitates their moving in and out of the condo while giving the privacy that they need.

Your cat can do so much on with their new Kitty Hawk set made by Feline Furniture because it provides them all they need to sleep, walk, climb up or play. Each hammock of this cat gyms product can help even the most energetic of cats get the sleep that they need.

This set is perfect for all cats of any age, size or weight. It is compact and movable, so you can easily place it to another spot that your furry feline might prefer. This cat product also comes with a spring action cat toy that your kitty will love to play with. The horizontal beams provide a sturdy framework for your cat to be safe so he can walk and jump. The hammocks are machine washable and each one has the extra supported with Velcro straps.
Kitty Hawk Product Specifications:
Dimensions: 18” x 18” x 5”
Included in the Set:
41 x 18-inch Catnector ™ beams
10 x 4-point Connectors
8 x 5-point Connectors
2 x 6-point Connectors
9 x Top Caps ™
1 x Top Cap with Spring Action Cat Toy ™
5 x 18" Plush Hammocks in tan ™
1 x 18" Cozy Condo ™ in tan

For durability, safety and unlimited pleasure for your kitty, the Kitty Hawk is a great cat activity center.

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