Favorite Cat Products We Were Sent To Review in 2010!

Post Published on April 15, 2011 | Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

This is a bit late. 

I have a secret that I should probably share.  If I don’t like a product, it doesn’t go on my website.  So there have been things that I have been sent that I end up not featuring (donate to a shelter instead) because the kitties just don’t like them or they fall apart when we start to play with them.  So, when I say that these are our favorite cat products to review in 2010 – I seriously mean it!

I am writing this sentence after I have completed the post and just realized that I have a lot of favorites – I think it’s because I feature one product a week and that’s about 52 products/year – so there’s a lot to choose from.  I also want to take this opportunity to thank all the manufacturers that support Floppycats.com by sending us products to review and share them with you guys!

These are listed in alphabetical order as not to show preference.  Thanks.

Trigg in the AlphaPooch Siesta Cat Bowl
Trigg in the AlphaPooch Siesta Cat Bowl

AlphaPooch™ Siesta Cat Bowl
This is a product that is used daily by my cats.  They love it – if you want a round cat bed that your cats will love – here it is.

Bergan Star Chaser
This is just like the Bergan Turbo Track, but of course, has a ball that illuminates making it more attractive for your kitty!  Too cool – and you can switch the ball out too, if you want.

Brawny Cat Big Baby
If you’re on Facebook with us – then you saw Charlie chilaxin’ on the Big Baby last week!  He loves it. 

Dog Spinny
Arguably the most challenging product Charlie has come face to face with.

Imperial Cat Zen Lounger

Charlie conched on the Imperial Zen Lounger
Charlie conched on the Imperial Zen Lounger

The cats use this daily, multiple times a day – they love it’s shape and I love it’s quality of construction.

Litter Lifter
Ok, let’s be honest – Charlie and Trigg could care less about this thing – but I LOVE IT – use it multiple times a day – two swipes of each litter box and I am done!

Melia Luxury Pet Cat Bowls
These aren’t being made anymore – BOO!!

Neko Flies
Hands down the best cat wand toy around – in fact, I like it so much I have ordered them as gifts for a few favorite felines of mine!

Trigg Crater Dottin'
Trigg Crater Dottin'

I didn’t give this cat bed a fair shake the first go around – the cats are always on it!!  They love it – see my follow-up review to the actual review.

Tuna Treats
The cats loved these and if my budget would permit it – I would buy more today.  And they aren’t that expensive – I just cannot afford them right now. Soon!  Very soon!

TopCat Sisal Scratching Post
Truth be told, this has always been a favorite for YEARS.

Urban Pethaus Wave Perch – Large
These cat perches are just cool – both in design and functionality.

Whole Life Cat Treats – Chicken
We’re in the process of testing more flavors because  I liked the concept of this product so much.  More reviews to come!

Murphy and Yeowww Banana
Murphy and Yeowww Banana

Yeowww! Catnip Toys
I wonder if I will ever find another catnip toy that I like more than these.  Doubtful.

2011 Favorites so far…

Brawny Cat Big Baby Jr.
I still prefer the Big Baby as the best of the best of cat scratcher beds, but this one is pretty fly too.

Catty Stacks Designer Cat Houses

Catty Stacks
Catty Stacks - the look on Charlie's face is justified - note the white paw coming out of the blue box!

These are now in the basement in the same room that I do laundry in and I swear Chiggy (Trigg) comes downstairs to watch me do laundry just to play on them.  In fact he loves them so much they should be called, Chiggy Stacks!

Kritter Kondo Deluxe
I gave this to my brother after we were done product testing it because he does a lot of yard work and likes to have his cats outside with him – well, I do the same and wish I would have kept it for when I am in the front yard or when I am having a garage sale!

Nina Ottosson’s Dog Brick Interactive CAT Toy
Like the Dog Spinny, this thing is wonderful for challenging the Charlie man.  We’ve since rec’d the Dog Casino and Charlie is having difficulty mastering it.

Petmate Kennel Cab
I love this carrier – we got one size bigger than the one I used to tote Rags around in.

Scaredy Cut Cat Grooming Kit
How cool, simple and easy is this thing?  And it’s pink!!

Do you have any of these products?  Do you like it? Why or why not? 

Do you have any suggestions of products for us to review in 2011?

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6 thoughts on “Favorite Cat Products We Were Sent To Review in 2010!

  1. bonnie says:

    i wish anyone would send me products to test drive!!! i have a houseful of cats and collies and we’re always up for new stuff. i love the pictures you posted with some of these products being “in use”.

    • Jenny | Floppycats.com says:

      Bonnie – sounds like it’s time for you to contact manufacturers and ask!

      Glad you liked the photos – there are photos on every post – all the blue writing links to the full product review where there are photos of the kitties with every product.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Freyr and Katie have just discovered the Yeoww cat nip toys, silly me only bought one. They fight over it, maybe that is a good thing, she is saying no to him and not letting him take it from her.

    • Jenny | Floppycats.com says:

      Rebecca – so cute. Which style did you buy? The banana is my favorite, of course – the candy cane is also nice because it’s long. I want them to make a giant banana! I think the cats would go crazy!

      • Rebecca says:

        just saw this, we bought the fish and then I went back and bought the cigar, they didn’t have the banana. Now Katie and Freyr are fighting over the cigar lol. I so have to find something for Freya. We bought a treat toy too, hoping to edit the video and youtube it soon. Again Katie and Freyr love it but Freya doesn’t like the treat I used (she is quite the fussy girl)

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