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Fancyrags Fancy a Rose

Fancyrags Fancy a Rose

by Christine Scott
(Western Australia)

We have been owned by our gorgeous Ragdolls since 1994 and breeding not long after. We have a large garden enclosure for our big dolls so they get plenty of sunshine and fresh air and our Mums and babies are kept and raised in our house – under our feet with lots of toys and attention and of course most important – fresh raw food.

We feed a raw diet with the addition of Iams professional bikkies.

We breed from the foundation lines only and do not include any outcrosses to Balinese for the chocolate and lilac gene. Our colours are seal and blue in all patterns.

We participate in the show scene and love to take our big boy Gin n Tonic – he’s a lovely big boy with a great ragdoll personality. He is well titled now and enjoys the attention from visitors.

All our babies are desexed for pet homes there is no option, a desexed cat is a happy cat. We do occasionally let an entire go to a forever registered breeders home but it must be a forever home and not caged in tiny cages.

We have many happy homes with our babies as residents.

We only breed in the spring/summer in Australia and will have new season bubs come Spring.

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2 thoughts on “Fancyrags Ragdolls Australia

  1. Jenny says:

    Dec 24, 2009 Another Fancyrags fan forever!

    Our ragdoll – Fancyrags Cupid was also bred by Chris and Frank and he is the ultimate floppycat!
    I knew instantly when talking with Chris that she was an expert and that her ragdolls were axactly what every cat lover desired! Our baby is 10 months old now and runs the house. Enormous, gorgeous and full of love, he follows us all everwhere. His best friend is our sheltie and they have a great time playing together. I would recommended Fancyrags Ragdolls to anyone who wants “only the best” in a lifetime companion!

  2. Theresa O says:

    Aug 01, 2009 I LOVE Chris’ raggies!!! I was sitting in my lounge the other night, surrounded by my babies (13 of them), and realized that all but 4 have come from this wonderful lady!!! They are the best cats – which come from great first homes!!! Great personalities, fun loving and affectionate. I’d be lost without them to serve. Thanks so much Chris and Frank for all you do for this breed!!

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