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copyright Pamela CurryI’m Sweetie, that’s one of my brothers looking over my shoulder, he’s a Bad Boy. We almost didn’t make it into the world. My mom was a parking lot kitty. We didn’t want to decide which one of us would be the 50% put down by the SPCA, like their ad says, & we had 2 lucky angels that kept the family together. They were cats and part of the Pet Food Settlement. The money from them gave us a new start as one big family, we stay and play together. We donated one of our Turbo Scratchers to the Humane Society, where my sisters almost ended up before the angels helped. We could use a 2nd scratcher, my brothers are bullies. The Humane Society of Polk Count is the only big no kill around, we want to give them a second Turbo Scratcher. The local no kill gets less funding than the local kill shelter. They are needy for everything! I’m Sweetie because I like to try everything out before my brothers and sisters, we need more stuff for them. I’m first to find out if something is dangerous, hence my name – don’t do that Sweetie. My brother always is scratching something if he scratches me, I’ll get him back! My person deserves this because besides being a good mom to her two angels, she’s poor and picked up my mom Xmas week on a freezing cold morning when she was being threatened with foreclosure, while other people just left my mom in the parking lot. She sold lots of her stuff and donated stuff so we could get a doctor, my brothers were horny dogs until this week, she could use some breaks.

Name: Pamela Curry
City: Mulberry
State: Florida
ShelterRescue: Humane Society of Polk County Florida

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