EZ-Groomer Product Review

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EZ-Groomer Cat Shedding Comb Review

EZ-Groomer Cat Shedding Comb Product Review

I was introduced to the EZ-Groomer cat comb by a Floppycats’ reader, Teresa.  She wrote: “Are you familiar with the EZ Groomer Comb?  Couldn’t remember if you’ve reviewed that or not.  Got one for Illaria because she is shedding bad (and eating a ton of it too) despite me combing her every day.  It came today right after I brushed her with her regular comb and I got a whole bunch of hair out of her that had no idea was still there.  Illaria liked it so much she fell over and wanted me to do her other side!”

Based on Teresa’s recommendation, I reached out to the manufacturer to see if they would send us one to review.  Lucky for us – they obliged and sent us 3 of their pet grooming combs – two of their 7-teeth combs and one of their 5-tooth comb.

EZ-Groomer pet Shedding Comb Product Review

The EZ-GROOMER pet grooming comb uses a unique tooth design which gathers undercoat fur in a much more efficient manner than conventional grooming tools.

Origin of the Design

The owner and creator of the EZ-Groomer, Ken Ticehurst, came up with the design while fishing near Whistler BC – in the pools of water where he was fishing, he saw the jaw bones of chum salmon that had spawned four or five months earlier.  He picked up their teeth and took them home.  Later on, he decided to try and scratch his cat’s back with one of the teeth.  While holding a salmon tooth, he drug it through his cat’s coat and saw how much hair it picked up.  So he set out to make a pet shedding comb that included the design of the teeth.  Such a design is a classic example of ‘biomimetics’ —nature as a model for structures and tools.

EZ-Groomer sells two versions of their comb – the 5-tooth and the 7-tooth.  EZ-Groomer says that the 7-tooth grooming comb works very well on short and long-haired cats, and dogs with short to medium-length coats.  So that’s the one I used primarily in our unboxing and final review videos that are posted below.

EZ-Groomer Cat Shedding Comb Product Review 3

EZ-Groomer vs. Furminator

A reader asked about the EZ-Groomer vs. the Furminator.  Both leave you with a pile of hair after brushing, but the EZ-Groomer is a true-er pile of hair.  Let me explain.  The Furminator is basically a razor blade with teeth cut in – so it cuts the hair when you brush your cat.  As I found out while brushing Caymus with the Furminator long ago, the Furminator cuts the hair, taking away all the sheen and beauty of the coat.  It doesn’t really get the dead hair that lies below the coat.  The EZ-Groomer, on the other hand, does grab all the dead hair, while leaving the healthy, growing hair.  I will never brush a cat with a Furminator again after that experience with Caymus years ago.  I simply do not like what it does to the look of their coat – and the EZ-Groomer didn’t violate their coat look.

Money-Back Guarantee

They offer a full, money-back guarantee on both styles of the EZ-GROOMER.

EZ-Groomer Cat Shedding Comb Product Review 2

Reader questions submitted after our arrival/unboxing video:

How much fur did you get off of the cat ?

This is a subjective question that will vary from cat to cat, season to season, house to house, etc.  It depends on so many factors – not limited to, but including: where the cat lives, how often the cat is groomed, what the cat eats, what the weather is like where the cat lives, etc.  I included photos in this post with Caymus – and a pile of hair we got from them.  It is the middle of winter here now – if we did this review in the Spring or Fall, I would guess the pile would be much larger.

Do you believe that this would prevent matting ?

Absolutely, if used on a regular basis.

It looks like it would do a great job, but you mentioned being concerned that it could irritate the cat with repeated use – definitely wouldn’t want that ! Do you have a recommendation about how often to use it?

The key is let the comb ride on the rounded bottom of the teeth in a massaging action, most cats will not ever let this bother them, of course there are exceptions. Long-haired cats should be groomed every day to avoid matting. Just a few minutes a day should accomplish this. With this design, which is somewhat aggressive, the groomer should work their way into the coat more slowly than typical designs, just because it removes undercoat more thoroughly.

Were you able to get Trigg or Charlie to let you use it on them ?

Oh yes, I always win – I just don’t win for very long.  The review video shows how Trigg responded.  Charlie didn’t mind his mane being brushed with it, but did not like his back being brushed.  It got off a bunch of fur.

How do the cats react to the comb?

My sister and I groom 4 cats over the two videos below – you can watch those videos to see how they respond.  Ash didn’t mind it – more minded me.  Caymus and Murphy loved it and Trigg didn’t care for it.

EZ-Groomer Unboxing Video

EZ-Groomer Cat Product Review Video

Buy the EZ-Groomer Cat Shedding Tool

The EZ-Groomer is no longer available online.  Here is an alternative, if you want one with “teeth” like the EZ-Groomer.  If you want the original EZ-Groomer, please get in touch with me and I will get you in touch with the owner.

See more of our cat product reviews.

We received the EZ-Groomer pet combs for review from the manufacturer.  Receiving the free product did not influence this post.

Let’s Discuss in the Comments!

Do you have a favorite cat comb?  Why or why not?  Do you think you will purchase an EZ-Groomer cat comb because of this review?  Why or why not?

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12 thoughts on “EZ-Groomer Product Review

  1. Ruben Tamez says:

    Hello, I was wondering if you were able to get a response from the EZ-Groomer owner if so I would love to purchase it for my cat

  2. Hannah Watson says:

    I had my Ragdoll, Gizmo, for 22 yrs and still miss her today after 5 yrs.. I adopted my Ragamuffin, Gracie, 2 yrs ago and she has so much hair to groom that she always gets exhausted before she gets finished.. LOL

    After breaking my arm and having complicated surgeries to repair it last year, I was forced to have Gracie’s hair shaved in a Lion Cut while my arm healed.. now that her hair is growing back in nicely, I am still only barely keeping up with her hair with daily brushing.. it looks like the EZ Groomer would be the perfect grooming tool for Gracie.

    I really need to get an EZ Groomer for Gracie, but I saw that they are no longer available.. you mentioned in a post that you might be able to put me in touch with the EZ Groomer owner to see if there is any way to still purchase one.

    I would appreciate any help you can give me regarding finding an EZ Groomer to purchase for my lovely Gracie. Thanks!

  3. Teresa Reid says:

    So glad this comb is working well for everyone. Love that they only have to be combed with it for just a few minutes in order to get a really great amount of compacted fur that is deep down. None of our regular brushes/combs would ever get this type of fur out. Illaria is the one who has those really whispies like Jenny showed coming out of Trigg. Before the EZ Groomer, she would do that biting/snorting kind of grooming and she would pull out a huge amount of those whispies. Then, it would be me chasing her around the house trying to get them off her face before she ate them. Now, she will groom herself while sitting in her lounge right beside me and if she ever gets a little fuzzy, I just reach down and get it, reassure her that she has done a wonderful thing, and let her see and smell it before it is tossed in the trash. One major thing that also helps and you mentioned in the video is that after her grooming session, I get a really wet paper towel or just wet my hands really well and run them down her sides. That gets off any loose fur that came up that still might be attached and sometimes that is a really significant amount. Can honestly say that the EZ Groomer has cut down on the hairball problems too. ♥♥♥♥

  4. Christy says:

    Just bought two 7-tooth combs thanks to this review! I’m really excited to try this as Prossimo does matt. He hates being combed for more than 60 seconds so that 60 seconds has to be effective and nothing I’ve used so far has worked proactively to prevent them. I bought two so I could have them in different areas in case I find him in an opportune moment (aka deep sleep after a big meal) where he’s less likely to fight me off! He also is a biter of brushes & combs but sometimes he bites so hard it scares me that he’s going to break a tooth off although I’m glad it’s not my skin he’s biting!

    • Jenny says:

      Love it – as you saw in the video, a minimal amount of combing got a lot of hair off of Trigg, Caymus and Murphy – same happens with Charlie. Ha ha ha on biting the combs – since this is plastic, hopefully it will “give” to his bites.

  5. Patti Johnson says:

    Pawesome post and review videos, Jenny! (Poor Chiggy sounded sooooo pathetic with his little mewing…lol. He did not want THAT at all but was such a trooper anyway!) I got one of these 7-tooth grooming combs from Teresa for Miss Pink Sugarbelle for Christmas! Imagine my delight and surprise! (Thanks, again, so very much for that Sweet T!) It works really well and Miss PSB tolerates it after she’s allowed to sniff and bite it for at least 5-10 minutes before I use it on her…silly girl! It works great! If I hadn’t been gifted with one of these I would definitely buy one! It’s currently my favorite grooming tool for my girl! 🙂

    I highly recommend this is you have a kitty with a big fluffy coat who enjoyes being groomed!

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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