Everett – Ragdoll Kitten of the Month

Submitted March 10, 2018 Everett - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month IMG_5725 I saw my first ragdoll about 15-20 years ago when as a nurse, I was making a home visit for work. At the time, I had 3 cats and couldn’t add more cats to my household. I never forgot them though, and when it came time for me to adopt again, I sought out a ragdoll that I had wanted for so long. Everett - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month IMG_5816 I adopted Emma, a seal point ragdoll first. I loved her look, her fur, her mellow demeanor. Almost 2 years later, another ragdoll named Everett joined the family. Everett - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month IMG_5762 Everett was born 10/31/17. He is a flame point and currently 18 weeks old. I brought him home on 2/19/18. I used the same breeder from where Emma came from, Charlotte at Rhetorical Ragdolls in Plainville, MA. I like her standards, the 2 year health guarantee, and the way they are raised and socialized around other people, cats, and dogs. I would recommend her to others looking for a ragdoll. You have to pass a test prior to making a deposit. She wants them to go to good homes only! Everett - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month IMG_5857 Everett was the runt of the litter so I had to wait a little longer in order to be able to bring him home. He was worth the wait. He is affectionate with a big voice. He likes a lot of attention. I think he is training me because when he meows, I run to him to figure out what it is that he wants! It took 3 days for my other 3 cats to accept him. Now they all get along very well. He is the cleanest kitten around as the other 3 are often washing him. He purrs and loves that attention that he gets from them. Everett - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month IMG_5870 He has only been here for a little over 2 weeks, but it feels much longer. Initially he was shy, but he is rapidly developing confidence. He has just started carrying and playing with toy mice. He likes to play with the other cats, and curls up with them for snuggles. He will go up to them and grab their tail or legs when he wants attention from them. This results in them putting him in a headlock and forcibly grooming his head. He purrs in response. He likes it when I change the sheets on the bed. He likes to nap in high places. He is a good climber and a dare devil already! Everett - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month IMG_5983 One of his favorite things so far has been the cat tree, which is very sturdy. This is being used now by the 3rd generation of cats. It has seen daily use for the past 20 years! The cats like being able to peek out the window from the top perch, and it’s a great spot for naps. Everett - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month IMG_5994 I feel like Everett completes my kitty family. I now have 2 males , 2 females , 2 ragdolls, and 2 rescues. There is 19 months difference in age from my oldest to Everett, the youngest. Everett is named after a great uncle. I told Charlotte back in November when I placed my deposit on him, that his name was Everett. She has been calling him by name all along so that from the moment I brought him home, he already knew and responded to his name! That was amazing to me. Everett - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month IMG_5872 I’m looking forward to watching him grow and seeing his color come out. I see a hint of a white blaze on his nose, and potentially white front paws. I’m curious to see if those remain. He is an adorable kitten and he’ll become a handsome cat!
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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. Hi Jenny,
    My name is Valerie I was wondering if you sell ragdoll kittens? If not do you know of a breeder in the Boston area or the New Hampshire area. I had my Montana Rose for 19 years and recentely had to put her down. I am looking for a female. Would you please let me know. Thank you so much. Your kitties are beautiful.

    1. So sorry to hear about your Montana Rose. No, I do not breed.

      I learned long ago not to recommend breeders! I believe that people should make sure to do their homework on reputable breeding practices and decide for themselves. But some readers do recommend some breeders.

      Here are the pages on the site that you might find helpful:


      How to Know if a Cat Breeder is Reputable: An Interview with Bette Willette

      A small checklist when looking for a breeder:
      Are they TICA or CFA registered?
      Do they show their cats?
      Do they breed within the written standard of Pointed, Blue eyed only?
      Do they DNA test?
      Do they keep kittens at least 12 weeks of age?
      Do they provide a health guarantee?
      Do the kittens come to you already spayed/neutered?
      Do you feel comfortable with the communication with the breeder? You want to be able to contact your breeder months or years down the road with questions.

      To see if a cattery is actually registered with TICA, you can go to this website. Be patient, when adding the cattery name into the search engine, it can take a minute or two to respond. The TICA online list is only a list of TICA catteries that decided to pay an extra fee to be listed. It is actually a very small percentage of Ragdoll breeders that did choose to advertise there.

      For CFA cattery names, you can check here.

      RFCI is a great place to look also, the catteries listed there have been checked thoroughly to ensure they are registered with one or more of the major cat associations. They do sign a code of ethics as well, however with any breeder, do your own research and homework.

      Watch out for scams – https://www.floppycats.com/ragdoll-breeder-website-scam-ragdoll-family-or-ragdoll-giants.html

      You might also search for a Ragdoll rescue, so we have the following webpage to help you find a Ragdoll Rescue in your area:

      If you find someone you like, you can always send me a link to their website and if I see any red flags, I will let you know – that’s the best I can do.

      Good luck! Hope that helps and hope you’ll share your new little one with us on Facebook when you get s/he.


  2. blondesoprano says:

    Everett is absolutely adorable! He looks just like my red lynx mitted boy Joseph did as a baby (he was a runt, too, a 2 oz miracle baby saved by my sister in Sweetheaven Ragdolls, CA.) . Joseph is now 4 and still small for a ragdoll, but have no fear, like you say about Everett, they are full of vitality, and Joseph championed at Ragdolls Around the World show in Tucson when he was 2. Your boy is so beautiful! I wish Joseph and Everett could meet. I can try to post a pic in the comments on this fb post.
    Barbara M.

  3. littlepipsmom says:

    I was started to read your wonderful story of Everett and his kitty family, when it hit me! There was something about his gorgeous little expression and eyes. I continued to read along and was surprised and delighted to discover that my new Ragdoll kitten, Beatrix, is one of Charlotte’s of Rhetorical Ragdolls as well! Bea is a bluepoint bi-color, but at only 20 weeks old, she’s mostly white. She has one gray ear and one white one. Just as you’ve described Everett, she’s healthy, beautiful and charming! I’d love to correspond with you some time about our special little Rag Babies! Best wishes to you and your family!
    Elizabeth A.

  4. WOW!!! Lucky YOU to have SUCH BEAUTIFUL KITTIES!!! Everett IS STUNNING (I am soooo very partial to the flame points…so freakin’ GORGEOUS, I think!) and Emma is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!!! 🙂 <3

    Thank you soooo very much for such a lovely story about your precious boy, Everett! Lurve the pics so much! He is ADORABLE!!! 🙂 <3

    What a little charmer he is!! You certainly have quite The Most Beautiful Kitty Companions! They are lucky to have such a loving furever home, too! 🙂 <3

    Wishing you and all your GORGEOUS BROOD many more years of good health, happiness, love & purry adventures together!! I hope you will share a pic of Everett once he is fully grown! He is going to be SUCH A STUNNINGLY HANDSOME ADULT KITTEH!!! : ) <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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