EquiGroomer Grooming Tool for Cats Product Review

Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

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Cat Deshedding Tool Review: The EquiGroomer

EquiGroomer cat brush deshed I was introduced to the EquiGroomer when the inventor reached out to me via e-mail, introducing her product.  Since it was first invented for horses (the EquiGroomer for horses is much bigger than the cat-sized ones that we received for review), I reached out to a few of my friends who are savvy in the horse world to ask what they thought of it.  I do a lot of “preliminary” stuff like that before I accept a product for review, so that I can be sure that I can actually do a review (I do not like to post bad reviews, therefore, I try to be sure about whether or not a product might work before it arrives). As you might have guessed, I got a positive response from the “horse-people” I know, so I asked that three of the EquiGroomer shedding blades be sent to us – one for my parents’ house, one for my house and one for my sister’s house. EquiGroomer cat brush furminator

What is the EquiGroomer?

EquiGroomer cat deshedding tool reviews The EquiGroomer is a very simple cat grooming tool that is basically a piece of wood that has what-looks-like a saw blade on the other side.  It’s very sturdy and easy to hold. As you can see in our review video below, it takes a little practice to the hang of how to use it, but it does do a great job as a deshedding tool for cats.  I love it more than brushes like Furminator, because the EquiGroomer removes the dead coat underneath- rather than cutting the healthy, shiny coat above. The EquiGroomer’s blade’s teeth grab loose hair by the ends so there’s no pulling, discomfort or damage to the skin or coat.  That’s probably why my cats, Charlie and Trigg, who hate being groomed, tolerated the EquiGroomer more than they have other brushes we have reviewed. EquiGroomer cat shedding comb


I definitely recommend using the EquiGroomer outside – as fur can fly everywhere, especially until you can get the hang of how to use it so that fur doesn’t fly everywhere.  In fact, my sister didn’t end up using it too much because she doesn’t let her cats outside and had no where to brush them without the hair flying. EquiGroomer best cat brush for long hair As you can see in our final review video below, when the blade fills with hair, you can simply pull it off with one swipe. EquiGroomer types of cat brushes Overall, I really like the EquiGroomer and will definitely keep it in our cat grooming tool box .  It does an awesome job at deshedding and getting rid of the loose hair and dander.  I was probably most impressed by it’s ability to not piss off Charlie and Trigg – a hard task for any cat grooming tool.

EquiGroomer Product Unboxing and Arrival Video

EquiGroomer Product Review Video

EquiGroomer Cat Deshedding Tool Colors

The EquiGroomer comes in a number of different fun colors: EquiGroomer cat deshedding tool colors

Buy the EquiGroomer

buy it now EquiGroomer furminator shedmonster shedding blade We received the EquiGroomers for review from the manufacturer .  Receiving the free product did not influence this honest post.

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5 thoughts on “EquiGroomer Grooming Tool for Cats Product Review

  1. Patti Johnson says:

    Super pawesome final product review, Jenny! The videos (as usual) are wonderful! Wow! This tool works GREAT! Very impressed with it! I can’t believe how Charlie and Chiggy tolerated it so well, too! Look at all that hair it got! Whoa! Lurved your little niece at the end…she’s so adorable grooming Caymus! Added this to my Wish List cuz I want one! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

    • Jenny says:

      Thanks, Patti! Got this comment on Facebook: “Ragdolls don’t have an undercoat. Their coat consists of awn hairs and guard hairs very little to no undercoat (down hair). You’re actually just thinning his coat here. Even with very gentle pressure these can still break or pull at the Ragdolls coat. I personally prefer a good slicker brush to remove any loose coat, a pin brush to add volume and shine, metal comb to finish. You can use other combs and brushes too if your grooming for show and some Ragdolls do better with different bristle types depending on each cats individual coat.”

      So I messed up by saying, “undercoat” – but rather it thins the coat! I’m just glad it gets rid of cat hair and leaves the coat shiny!

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