EquiGroomer Grooming Tool for Cats Product Review

First Impression of the EquiGroomer

EquiGroomer cat brush deshed

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I was introduced to the EquiGroomer when the inventor reached out to me via e-mail, introducing her product. Since it was first invented for horses (the EquiGroomer for horses is much bigger than the cat-sized ones that we received for review), I reached out to a few of my friends who are savvy in the horse world to ask what they thought of it. 

I do a lot of “preliminary” stuff like that before I accept a product for review, so that I can be sure that I can actually do a review (I do not like to post bad reviews, therefore, I try to be sure about whether or not a product might work before it arrives).

As you might have guessed, I got a positive response from the “horse-people” I know, so I asked that three of the EquiGroomer shedding blades be sent to us – one for my parents’ house, one for my house and one for my sister’s house.

The EquiGroomer is a very simple cat grooming tool that is basically a piece of wood that has what-looks-like a saw blade on the other side. It’s very sturdy and easy to hold. As you can see in our review video below, it takes a little practice to the hang of how to use it, but it does do a great job as a deshedding tool for cats.

EquiGroomer cat brush furminator

Packaging of the EquiGroomer

The EquiGroomer is a really simple product, and so doesn’t need a lot of packaging to get it to your home safely. Mine arrived in a bag, and it was wrapped in bubble wrap to keep it secure (and presumably to stop the teeth from snagging on the bag and tearing a hole). It’s the minimal packaging needed to keep the EquiGroomer safe when it’s shipped to you without creating a lot of waste.

EquiGroomer cat deshedding tool reviews

Box Contents

Because it’s a handheld tool to help groom your cats, there’s nothing else you need beyond the EquiGroomer itself. So, you won’t be sent any unnecessary extras, it’s just the EquiGroomer.

Assembly Required

The EquiGroomer arrives fully assembled as a solid item – just unwrap it and you’re ready to start using it.

Size of the EquiGroomer

There are two models of EquiGroomer – the one designed for cats is 5 inches long. Don’t buy the 8-inch model, that’s designed for horses. The 5-inch one is comfortable enough to use with one hand and is easily big enough to tackle a cat’s fur.

EquiGroomer cat shedding comb

Best Benefit of the EquiGroomer

I love the EquiGroomer more than brushes like Furminator, because it removes the dead coat underneath – rather than cutting the healthy, shiny coat above. The EquiGroomer’s blade’s teeth grab loose hair by the ends so there’s no pulling, discomfort or damage to the skin or coat.  That’s probably why my cats, Charlie and Trigg, who hate being groomed, tolerated the EquiGroomer more than they have other brushes we have reviewed.

Pros of the EquiGroomer

  • The comfortable design makes it easy to hold and use
  • Removes loose dead hair without scratching the skin
  • Clears out dirt and dander and makes your cat’s coat healthier

Cons of the EquiGroomer

  • Can create a lot of mess – best used outdoors
EquiGroomer best cat brush for long hair

Unique Features Compared to Other Deshedding Brushes

The design of the EquiGroomer means that it doesn’t cut any healthy hair – the barbs will snag anything old and loose, but leave healthy hair attached. 

Some other deshedding brushes will instead cut away fur that’s perfectly fine, or pull hard on fur that’s still attached, so you can damage your cat’s fur or cause your kitty some discomfort. The whole point of the EquiGroomer is to be a brush that leaves the healthy coat intact, and that your cats will tolerate – or even enjoy!

EquiGroomer types of cat brushes

Using the EquiGroomer Outside

I definitely suggest using the EquiGroomer outside – as fur can fly everywhere, especially until you can get the hang of how to use it so that fur doesn’t fly everywhere. 

In fact, my sister didn’t end up using it too much because she doesn’t let her cats outside and had nowhere to brush them without the hair flying. If your cat is an indoor-only cat, you might want to try a different deshedding brush to avoid covering your home in fur.

Effectiveness at Removing Fur

The EquiGroomer is extremely effective at removing fur. It’ll snag any dead hairs and dirt, clumping it all together ready to just pull off. Other deshedding brushes might gather as much hair together but they’ll usually do it by cutting fur, or they’ll pull hard which can hurt your cat. There aren’t many brushes that do as good a job as the EquiGroomer without aggravating your kitty.

Ergonomic Design

The wooden handle is shaped to be comfortable to hold – it’s wider at the top where it’ll sit in your palm and narrows to a groove to make it easier to hold with your fingers. This means that, even over lengthy grooming sessions, your hand won’t hurt, and you won’t get tired. And that means you’re less likely to get clumsy and accidentally scratch your cat’s skin.

Troubleshooting for the EquiGroomer

It’s important not to be too hard when you use the EquiGroomer. Yes, it’s designed to pull the hair without scratching your cat’s skin but if you’re too rough then of course it’s still going to snag them, and they won’t thank you for it. Be firm with your movements to get the undercoat, but you’re brushing the coat, not the skin.

Otherwise, there’s very little else that can go wrong with the EquiGroomer – it’s really simple.

EquiGroomer Product Unboxing and Arrival Video

EquiGroomer Product Review Video

Ease of Cleaning

As you’re using the EquiGroomer, the hair should clump together on the barbs and then be easy for you to pull off and dispose of. Or you could save the hair and spin it to create cat hair yarn.   In reality, what usually happens is most of the hair will just fall straight off. While it might make a bit of a mess, it does at least mean that you’ll barely have to put any effort into keeping the actual tool clean and ready to use.


There are very few safety concerns with the EquiGroomer, as long as you don’t apply too much pressure when you’re brushing. Brush in the direction of the fur, in smooth consistent motions with mild pressure and you’ll snag the dead undercoat hairs without hurting your cat. The wooden block grip makes it safe and easy for you to hold as well.

Jenny’s Personal Take Away

Overall, I really like the EquiGroomer and will definitely keep it in our cat grooming tool box. It does an awesome job at deshedding and getting rid of the loose hair and dander. I was probably most impressed by its ability to not piss off Charlie and Trigg – a hard task for any cat grooming tool.

I would not use it inside because hair flies everywhere. But overall it’s one of the rare tools that my cats won’t hiss at!  Which is amazing.


While the price may vary, expect to pay around $20 for the EquiGroomer. It’s available in a wide range of colors and you’ll be getting a solid and dependable brush that should last for many years.

Where to buy the EquiGroomer

You can buy the EquiGroomer from their own website, or from Amazon.com. International shipping is also available, but the charges will vary.

Discount on the EquiGroomer

At the time of writing there’s no discount available on the EquiGroomer but that could always change. Keep an eye out for special offers – for example, you might check their social media around major holidays to see if they are offering any specials when you buy directly through their website. it has sometimes been available for lower prices on Amazon before.

EquiGroomer cat deshedding tool colors



The EquiGroomer is a really effective product that removes a lot of loose hair – so remember to use it outside if you can! Overall, since it did such a good job without causing pain or discomfort, I’ve got no hesitations in recommending the EquiGroomer.

EquiGroomer furminator shedmonster shedding blade

We received the EquiGroomers for review from the manufacturer .  Receiving the free product did not influence this honest post.

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  1. Super pawesome final product review, Jenny! The videos (as usual) are wonderful! Wow! This tool works GREAT! Very impressed with it! I can’t believe how Charlie and Chiggy tolerated it so well, too! Look at all that hair it got! Whoa! Lurved your little niece at the end…she’s so adorable grooming Caymus! Added this to my Wish List cuz I want one! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

    1. Thanks, Patti! Got this comment on Facebook: “Ragdolls don’t have an undercoat. Their coat consists of awn hairs and guard hairs very little to no undercoat (down hair). You’re actually just thinning his coat here. Even with very gentle pressure these can still break or pull at the Ragdolls coat. I personally prefer a good slicker brush to remove any loose coat, a pin brush to add volume and shine, metal comb to finish. You can use other combs and brushes too if your grooming for show and some Ragdolls do better with different bristle types depending on each cats individual coat.”

      So I messed up by saying, “undercoat” – but rather it thins the coat! I’m just glad it gets rid of cat hair and leaves the coat shiny!

        1. yes, i #fail at any cat show grooming tips! i am definitely not a part of that world or knowledge space – i am more in yours of wanting to get rid of fur.

          1. We actually have this for our horses, and it works great. I didn’t know there was a cat one. How awesome!

          2. oh fun! i bet it works really well on a short hair – like horses have.

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