Emery Cat Scratching Pad – Does Anyone Have This?

Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

I am taking a poll – do you have an All Star Emery Cat Board?  I’ve seen them in CVS for years now and have thought of using my couponing skills to get one for free, but then have read unfavorable reviews online.  But I have had a few Floppycats readers tell me that they really like it.  So would be interested in knowing if you have it and like it.

The All Star Emery Cat Board sellls for $10.48 on Amazon.  You can also buy a set of 3 replacement pads for $11.99.

All Star Emery Cat Board

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15 thoughts on “Emery Cat Scratching Pad – Does Anyone Have This?

  1. Elizabeth says:

    My three are not impressed…even with fresh organic catnip on it. They love their cardboard scratchers, but I think the emery cat scratching pad may be uncomfortable for them. I’m sorry I wasted my money. Mine like corrugated cardboard!

  2. Kristina says:

    Yes, I have one of these emery cat scratching pads. My cat hated it from day one. Even with catnip sprinkled on it, she wouldn’t go near it after her initial inspection. So, now it just takes up space and seeing this post reminds me that I need to throw it away. The emery board is very hard and is probably what deters most cats from using it. I certainly would not recommend purchasing it.

  3. Geo says:

    I had one but I returned it because my boys wouldn’t go near it. As I recall, it shed its emery dust quite a bit.

  4. Lynn says:

    I bought two of them. Neither one of my rag dolls would have anything to with them. Even with the cat nip. Very cheaply made also.

  5. Gina says:

    I have the cat scratcher. My cat is not impressed. It seems to be too much of an emery board. It’s hard and stiff and not very cat friendly. In my opinion. My cat hardly ever uses it and the few times he did scratch, he removed his paws and looked at the board as if to say “what the heck is this?”

  6. Susan Pike says:

    I have one in the shape of a paw and my cats don’t use it at all. It’s been sitting for the last 9-10 months now. if you know anyone who might want it I would be happy to give it to them.

  7. Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs says:

    Our momma thought about it, but was afraid we would get our nails caught in it when she saw it in the store, so she never bought us one.

  8. Judith McKnight says:

    I have one. It looks nice. The cats ignore it, even when I spray it with cat nip spray. I really wish they would use it because I believe it really could work to file their nails. Maybe I should try to find some good quality cat nip to sprinkle on it.
    Judith in Mexico

  9. Lynn says:

    The negative reviews and warnings about it catching kitty’s nails and pulling them out scared me off this scratcher. When I first checked them out after seeing an ad on TV, ordering was on one of those websites that doesn’t give you the price until you put in your credit card. So, I didn’t order, then checked out reviews later, and never did order!

  10. Leanna Steward says:

    Hi Jenny, We have one and they use it. It is really rough so it will file down the claws fast. It is worth the money, IMHO!

  11. JLSW says:

    Our four use the Emery Cat and I have had to buy refills for it. What’s really funny is that they know where I keep the refills and they jump into that closet whenever the door is open and scratch the refills! The like it and it stops them from scratching the sofa.

  12. Shelia Love says:

    Jenny, I have had my Emery Cat for about , well, since they came out and my four kitties scratch on it a couple of times a day but since I got the Karma Infinity scratcher thing they have kinda forgot the Emery Cat !

    • Shelia Love says:

      But in answering your question, yeah , I think it’s great for the money and if you sprinkle some good quality catnip on it, the kitties love it too !

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