Elon Musk’s Strange Obsession: Will He Really Create Cat Girl Sex Robots?

Elon Musk is an enigmatic guy, and it’s sometimes hard to tell when he’s being serious and when he’s being funny (or, at least, trying to). But he has a very unusual cat-related subject that he keeps returning to – the idea of a cat-girl sex robot. Why does he keep talking about cat girl robots, and is it something he’s really going to create?

The Cat Girl Obsession

Cat girls keep cropping up in Elon Musk interviews – women from Japanese anime that have cat-like ears and sharp teeth. Musk has referenced them in various scenarios, including declaring them as his female cosplay of choice.

Asking the Public


Musk has talked about future robots that the Tesla company may make, and has often hinted at them being used for sexual purposes. He’s not afraid to ask his fanbase whether catgirls should be among the designs.

Accepting the Decision

A couple of years after asking the Twitterverse whether catgirl robots should be a thing, he continues the reference when talking about Tesla’s Optimus robots. At this point, it starts to become more of a blur between an ongoing joke and something he might seriously make to appease the large fanbase for cat girls.

Random References

Musk has hinted before at how technology is pushing them closer to making catgirl robots real. Here he teased a new Tesla announcement and again referenced how it was a key step towards catgirls being made.

Making Puns

Elon loves to make the occasional pun, and in reply to his own tweet about “erotic democracy”, he again talked about how Tesla’s Optimus robot may get a catgirl version.

More Cat References

Thankfully, not every cat reference on Musk’s timeline is about sex robots. He also likes to play up to his billionaire status, mocking the stereotype of a Bond villain.

Supervillain Aspirations

As soon as anyone mentions anything to do with lasers and space, Musk again references the idea of stroking a white cat as a classic bad guy. Thankfully this is more of a work-safe trope that he likes to have fun with!

Elon Loves Cat Videos

Who doesn’t love cat videos on the internet? Clearly, Musk is a fan, since he’s mentioned them a few times. Here he makes a jokey link about mind-controlling parasites in cat poop and their potential ties to feline videos on YouTube.

Cat Dress Up

Musk has a cat of his own named Schrodinger. Here he mentioned how she probably won’t like being dressed in pajamas, but he’s willing to check it out. For science, of course.

Heartwarming Cat Rescue

Ending on a more uplifting note, Musk’s Twitter isn’t just full of talk of cat-themed sex robots. He’s shared an uplifting video of an adorable stray kitten being rescued from a Tesla Model S.

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