Elijah and Zacharia – Ragdoll Kittens of Month

Submitted May 3, 2019

Elijah and Zacharia - Ragdoll Kittens of Month 20190308_135513

Shortly after we got married, we decided we’d like to add a pet(s) to our family. We wanted cats because we both worked and would not be home for most of the day. We also wanted 2 siblings so that they could keep each other company while we were at work. Whatever breed we decided on, they had to be friendly as we didn’t want cats that terrorize and hide from visitors. We researched many different breeds and totally settled on the Ragdoll.

Elijah and Zacharia - Ragdoll Kittens of Month 20190411_Wubs on bed

Our first Ragdolls which we adopted in May of 2000, Agustus and Theodore, died in 2017 of Kidney disease within 8 months of each other. We were heartbroken. We didn’t let too much time pass before deciding that 2 more male sibling Ragdoll brothers was in order. On January 11, 2019, our wishes came true and we picked up our sweet fur babies from the breeder Willetteragdol in Raynham, Ma (highly, highly recommended!). The breeder raises them in her home giving them lots of love right from birth through adoption. This devotion to her kittens results in a true display of the temperament and traits of the Ragdoll breed.

Elijah and Zacharia - Ragdoll Kittens of Month 20190320_Wubs sink

They are the sweetest and craziest kittens and we love them to death. Elijah (aka Eli) and Zacharia (aka Zak) are the sweetest most awesome kittens. They are going to be big boys. They were born October 29, 2018 and they are both very close to 9 lbs. Eli is a blue bi-color and Zak is seal mitted. As with our late cats, they are everything the breed claims to be. Friendly and smart and the epitome of cuteness! They had their first visitors about a month after coming home and they were perfect, loving our guests and playing. Our vet just loves them!

Elijah and Zacharia - Ragdoll Kittens of Month 20190327_Wubs window

They like all their toys and they have many choices (spoiled kitties indeed!). They like wand toys because they can play with us. Eli’s favorite toy is a spring-like toy. He carries the springs around in his mouth and flings them around. He likes to play the game of batting his toy under the door and cry until I come to the door and throw it back. A game of fetch. Zak loves his little foam soccer balls. He also carries them around and runs all over the house with them. They even have some electronic toys which they have turned on themselves! They are very smart cats. Typical of cats, they love to be up high, so we have a very sturdy cat tree that they can leap upon while attacking their toys (prey) or each other. We have many beds to choose from for relaxing from crazy kittenhood play and scratching posts to sharpen their claws prior to the “kill”.

Elijah and Zacharia - Ragdoll Kittens of Month 20190119_120239

Elijah and Zacharia - Ragdoll Kittens of Month 20190210_172425

I could go on and on with stories about them, but this is just a peek into the life of our fur babies. If you are looking for a special cat, consider adopting one (or 2) of your own. We love our babies and we hope and pray for many years of companionship.

Elijah and Zacharia - Ragdoll Kittens of Month 20190327_Zak

Elijah and Zacharia - Ragdoll Kittens of Month 20190327_Eli

Extra photos sent Jul 13, 2019 (more recently than when story was originally submitted):

Eli and Zak bed steps3

Eli and Zak bed steps1


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3 thoughts on “Elijah and Zacharia – Ragdoll Kittens of Month

  1. Sandra Johnson says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful brother Ragdolls! Eli and Zak are just gorgeous! Aren’t our Ragdolls the sweetest and smartest cats ever???
    Much love and hugs to your furbabies.
    Sandra and Hannity (Seal/Bi-color, 9 years old)

  2. pam-e says:

    LOVE your gorgeous, gorgeous boys…
    Eli & Zac are so handsome and they look so very happy!!!

    Thanks for your beautiful story & photos of your two adorable boys…

    Pam & FLUFF

  3. Patti Johnson says:

    TYSVM for sharing such a WONDERFUL LOVE STORY about your new Ragdoll kittens, Eli & Zak! THEY ARE GORGEOUS BOYS! WOW! Those beautiful pics just blew me away! Such SUPER FABULOUS & PAWESOMELY HANDSOME brothers! 🙂 <3

    What a pair these two charming little minxes are…they sound absolutely delightful! I am so very happy that you brought them into your lives after the loss of your very first beloved Ragdolls, Agustus and Theodore. (Btw, please accept my most sincere and heartfelt condolences on the loss of those two very special boys. *BIG HUGS*) <3

    Wishing you all many more years of love, happiness, good health and purry adventures together!! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3 <3 <3

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