FUKUMARU Elevated Cat Ceramic Bowls

The Elevated Cat Ceramic Bowls are a set of two ceramic dishes with a wooden stand designed to be customizable to make it easier and more comfortable for your cat to eat or drink.

FUKUMARU Elevated Cat Ceramic Bowls

It has an effortless but highly clever way of changing the height and angle, and in just a few seconds, you can switch it between one of five different set-ups so that it is always in the perfect position for your pet.

It uses two side panels with a Z-shape cutout and a shelf that fits into that cutout. The shelf has two circular cutouts, which the ceramic bowls slot into, keeping them steady. The side panels can be turned upside down, too, for additional height options.

FUKUMARU Elevated Cat Ceramic Bowls ideal for all size cats

This allows you to have the feeding shelf:

  • Level, 2.4 inches from the floor
  • Level, 3.4 inches from the floor
  • Level, 4.5 inches from the floor
  • On a 15-degree angle, 2.3 inches from the floor (at the bottom of the tilt)
  • On a 15-degree angle, 3.3 inches from the floor (at the bottom of the tilt)

The option to have the bowls at a tilted angle is to help relieve neck pressure – your kitty doesn’t have to bend over and strain their neck to reach all of its food.

Remove the pegs from each side and slide the shelf out of position to change the angle or height. Place it in the new position, and re-insert the pegs on each side to hold the shelf.

The bowls are also wide but relatively shallow – this allows them to hold plenty of food, and it reduces whisker fatigue as your cat doesn’t have to push into the bowl to get every last morsel, especially with the rounded shape meaning no food gets trapped in corners or ridges.

FUKUMARU Elevated Cat Ceramic Bowls cat eating

The bowls are made from a robust ceramic which is dishwasher- and microwave-friendly, so they’re easy to clean, and you can heat food in them if you need to. In addition, ceramic materials don’t tend to scratch like plastic bowls, which means there are fewer breeding grounds for bacteria.

The wooden stand is made from bamboo, which is a durable material (made more so with a varnish coating), but it is also eco-friendly. The stand is solid and won’t slip around, especially with the weighty 2lb ceramic bowls helping to hold everything in place, so feeding time doesn’t become messy.

FUKUMARU Elevated Cat Ceramic Bowls home shot

The width of the stand is 12.2 inches in total, so while there are two bowls, they aren’t suited to feeding two cats at the same time – they wouldn’t have space. Therefore this is a good option for a solo cat, with one acting as a food bowl and the other as a water bowl.

It also looks great – the light shade of the bamboo and the modern, white finish to the ceramic bowls mean these will fit into any home and won’t be an eyesore, as some cheap colored plastic bowls can be. 

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