Electric Cat Litter Box by The Refined Feline

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The convenience of owning an automatic electric litter box has been made even better as finding the right place to put it. You can help get rid of most of the problems associated with kitty litter with this unique cat furniture. 

Electric Cat Litter Box by The Refined FelineElectric Cat Litter Box has hinged doors, a top storage drawer, a sliding tray and can house most automatic electric litter boxes. These cat products are made from pine wood veneer and come in either honey, mahogany, or espresso finish. There are reversible doors that can be placed on the left or right side, making it possible for your pet to have their accessway wherever you decide to situate it.
If you want to ensure that the kitty litter won’t be tracked all over the house when you cat exits, you have the option to place a matching Wood Litter Catch mat right outside their access way. To keep the smells at bay, you can use a Plugable Deodorizer that sucks in the air to purify it. This odor purifier doubles as an automatic light that turns on when there is no light detected and turns off when there is. If you want to reduce the common headaches of having to deal with kitty litter, consider having an Electric Cat Litter Box by The Refined Feline and the accessories that go with it. 
If you have extra space in your heart and home, you may want to help out in our Ragdoll Rescue efforts.

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