Easter – a 2 year old Smoky Seal Point Male Ragdoll

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Smoky Seal Point RagdollEaster is a 2 year old Smoky Seal Point male ragdoll.

I found him, of all places, on petfinder.com. When I found him, I knew nothing of Ragdolls, I only knew that he was a gorgeous looking kitty and I wanted to meet him. My husband and I arranged with his rescue group to meet at one of their adoption events, and I fell in love instantly. His name came about naturally, since we adopted him Easter week, and we already had a dog named Wester. There really wasn’t any other name we could have chosen!

He was gentle and sweet while I was holding him at the adoption, but it was when we got him home that his personality really started to shine, and I began to learn all about ragdolls and why they are known as Puppy Cats!

Easter took over the house and our hearts almost instantly. My husband, who has never been a cat person (Easter is his first cat) has come to love the cat and they spend hours in front of his computer together. Wester, our dog, can be found alternately playing with or napping with Easter.

Last fall we got an 8 week old puppy, and Easter has been hard at work teaching Colt his manners. Easter makes a good referee when the dogs are playing chase in the house. Easter knows when Wester has had enough of the puppy, and will take over playing so that Wester can nap. Then, once Colt is all tired out, Easter will curl up with him on the couch.

On pretty days, Easter can be found in any one of our open windows, keeping an eye on the world. Or, if he just needs some time to himself, he has his own little sanctuary on top of our kitchen cabinets. That’s his favorite place for an afternoon nap. And although Easter makes his nightly patrols around the house, he is always curled up against one of us in the morning.

I promised my husband no more than one cat at a time (I may have tendencies towards becoming a cat lady) but we’ve agreed that our cat will always be a ragdoll.

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