Drinkwell Lotus Cat Water Fountain

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Drinkwell Multi-Level Lotus Ceramic Drinking FountainIt is well known that cats have an aversion to water; however, they are fascinated by it. Small garden fountains can hold a cat spellbound for hours. How nice to be able to give your cats their own fountain.

Safe, plentiful drinking water is a must for a healthy, happy cat. The Drinkwell Lotus Pet Fountain does the trick.

This is one of the best cat products, with a drinking device has a flow of 50oz of fresh, clean water that your pet can utilize any time. It is quite a difference from standing ceramic cat bowls.

The fascinating thing about this device is that there is not just one stream of water but several streams. Also they are on different levels so your older cat has access to a stream and the kitties have streams of their own.

There is also a filtering system built in so that hairs or debris which would just float in a standing bowl of water are filtered out so that your cat always has a fresh, clean water supply. Complete with an aerating system which supplies oxygen to the water this fountain has everything you could want in a watering system. The fountain is easy to clean which makes life easier for you and a joy for your cat.

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