Dr. Noys’ Cat Toys Tennis Ball Mouse

Last Updated on August 22, 2021 by Jenny

Dr. Noys' Cat Toys Tennis Ball MouseWant to play fetch with your cat? This is one of the most fun cat toys ever, as you can get your kitty to actual go and get it.

It’s perfect for you to use to give them a little exercise, as you pet will find that this mouse is quite irresistible and will chase it! 

Dr. Noys’ Cat Toys Tennis Ball Mouse from Only Natural Pet, one of the cats products you will discover at their cat toys online store, is has a head filled with catnip and a body that is made from a tennis ball. When thrown, it will bounce.

Since this Tennis Ball Mouse has a long tail, a cat can easily catch it. After a few time, you might be able to train the cat to bring it back to you so that it can be tossed one more time!

A tennis ball can bounce up and down for quite some time and you pet will be delightfully prancing around and pouncing on it. Imagine how many fun things that you can do with this toy. Have some fun with your cat and teach it how to play fetch. Cats can be trained and with Dr. Noys’ Cat Toys Tennis Ball Mouse, it will be a lot more amusing both them and you. 

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