Double Cat Wooden Cat Window Perch

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Double Cat Wooden Cat Window PerchMr. Herzher’s cat window perch is designed and constructed out of high quality solid wood. Each surface is furnished with a neutral, soft and well made micro-fiber suede fabrics to cradle your cat during pamper and nap time.

It is built in with a wide base for extra durability and stability. This feature also provides weight support for large cats, or for an instance, two kitties can fit at once to lounge or to take a nap on each perch.

Mr. Herzher’s wooden cat window perch is designed with protective felt pads to keep it away from scratches, dents or bumps; as well as your floor and carpet.

The overall dimension of this cat product is 28.5" H x 25.5" W x 20.5" D.

You can purchase Mr. Herzher’s Double Cat Wooden Cat Window Perch through for $149.99.

What can you say about Mr. Herzher’s product compared to other cat window perches? Share your answers with fellow cat owners in our forum or you may leave us a comment below.

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