Dornröschen Filzunikate – Felted Cat Caves

Post Published on December 18, 2010 | Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Felted cat house $210
Felted cat house $210

While doing a search on Etsy the other day for more cool cat products, I discovered the feltforcat Etsy store.  Susanne Karg of Heidelberg, Germany makes these incredible cat cave beds and her website is Dornröschen Filzunikate.  I am so excited about her work, that I wanted to share it with you now – although Susanne has promised to get an interview to me for the site after the holidays.

wonderful felted catcave $165
wonderful felted catcave $165

She only has two of these in her Etsy shop right now – like the felted cat house to the left – she’s selling it for $210.00 and then it’s $40 to ship to the USA or $22 to ship anywhere within the European Union.

The wonderful felted cat cave, which is also available in her shop right now, is $165 with $40 shipping to the USA and $22 within the European Union.

I am just so blown away by her designs and how incredibly fun and whimsical they are.

If you are looking for a one of a kind present for your cat and a piece of cozy cat furniture that will be the topic of conversation whenever you have someone over – this is it!

Katzenschlafplatz "Schnecke" und "Blumenschnecke" - Cat roost "snail" and "flower snail"
Katzenschlafplatz “Schnecke” und “Blumenschnecke” – Cat roost “snail” and “flower snail”
Katzenschlafplatz "Spielwiese"
Katzenschlafplatz “Spielwiese” – Cat roost “playing field”
Katzenspielschnur "Mausi"
Katzenspielschnur “Mausi”

felted cat caves

felted cat cave

What do you think of Susanne’s designs?  Don’t you just love them?

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3 thoughts on “Dornröschen Filzunikate – Felted Cat Caves

  1. Sondi Moore says:

    Please don’t think I’m a downer on all the work that went into these caves, but my cats would prefer a small cardboard box or paperbag. Does that make them less of a cat? I can say, with seven cats at home, it’s much less expensive to re-fresh their beds.

    • admin says:


      Different strokes for different folks.

      My cats also like cardboard boxes and paper bags. However, I have about a 1 hour time limit of being able to stand the look of such things lying about the house. I would much rather have a piece of art like these that is usable, than a cardboard box.

      Really, for me these cat caves are pieces of art first and then can be used as a cat bed second.


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