Dog Spinny – Update

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Interactive Cat ToyYou might recall that we received the Dog Spinny in the mail – it’s an interactive cat toy for training cats.

Charlie is slowing learning on how to master this thing and I am really enjoying the process because I feel like he has to work for his dry food. 

I honestly need to get him off of dry food altogether, but I cannot see the harm in it when it is used as gourmet cat treats for him.

If your cat or dog is food motivated, then it is easy to train them on the Dog Spinny – basically you just wait until they are hungry and then place three pieces of food in each of the compartments – and show them how to get to the next compartment.  Once they have mastered that, then you place the white plastic bone that comes with the Dog Spinny as an extra challenge to get it out. 

Here are two videos I captured of Charlie getting the bone out:


Honestly, I don’t know if Charlie is entertained by this or more just annoyed that the bone is in his way for eating.  He sorta looks at me like, "I never had to work this hard for food before!  What the hell!"

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