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UPDATE July 22, 2014! The Dog Spinny has gone down in history as one of my favorite cat products because it was the first puzzle toy that we got that really challenged Charlie.  In other words, it wasn’t just about getting a treat out of a hole, but rather required an additional few steps of thought.  It didn’t take him long to figure it out, but he still enjoys making the effort to find his treats, which I love.  It is more like an anchor product in my opinion – a great one to have for life.  Of course, it is great that it is dishwasher safe.  But the plastic could be an issue with a cat that has cat acne problems…guess that would depend on the cat and frequency of use.  Charlie does not have feline acne problems.  If you have never tried a cat puzzle toy, I would give this one a go if your kitty is food/treat motivated and then move to the Dog Brick for a more difficult one.

Charlie and the Dog SpinnyOriginal Review published on Jul 20, 2010:

As you might have read, we received our Dog Spinny in the mail to product test a few weeks ago.

Although not appropriately named for our feline friends, there’s no reason why they cannot take part in it as well.  Of course, if you have a canine friend, all the more reason to check out the Dog Spinny Toy to see if it is right for you.

The Dog Spinny Toy is manufactured by The Company of Animals.

Dog Spinny
Dog Spinny

Charlie and I really worked on this one.  I wanted to find a toy that would entertain him because he is often bored acting – no matter how much I entertain him – sometimes his thirst for a new experience is never satisfied.  So when the opportunity to review the Dog Spinny came along – I thought it was a perfect fit for the Charlie man – a training toy that required food motivation!  Perfect!

Charlie also has a huge affection for dry food, which I am trying to break him of.  Nonetheless, the vet has recommended that he have 7-8 pieces of this huge kibble a day so that it’ll keep his teeth clean…and he loves this food, so I do it.  And when I can make him burn calories and entertain his mind at the same time, I don’t have a problem with it.  The Dog Spinny allowed us to do so.

Here are some videos I captured of Charlie mastering the Dog Spinny:

Nina Ottosson's Dog Spinny
Nina Ottosson’s Dog Spinny

I would recommend the Dog Spinny, especially if you are looking for a fun interactive game for your kitty.

I loved that it is entertaining for your kitty – so for example, if you work all day, you could fill the Dog Spinny with treats and then place the bone in the Spinny and provide some fun for your kitty while you’re gone.

I also ran it through the dishwasher and it was totally fine – even the anti-slip feet were fine – they didn’t melt off.

The Dog Spinny is one of many fun interactive games that Nina Ottosson designed for The Company of Animals.  There are also the Dog Brick, Dog Magic, Dog Tornado, Dog Finder, Dog Casino, Dog Twister and Dog Treat Trapper – of course, all incorrectly named for our feline friends – but nonetheless, great interactive toys to keep them entertained!

Have you tried the Dog Spinny on your kitty?  Did she or he like it?

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      That’s certainly an option – I hadn’t thought of it – because Charlie is motivated by food. Are you going to get one and give it a go with catnip?

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