Does Your Ragdoll Cat Watch TV?

Trigg Watching TV
Trigg Watching TV

Rags sometimes watched TV, but Trigg nearly always watches TV if he is in the room with me.  He especially like The Golden Girls and Animal Planet.  Charlie only watches TV every now and again.  Curious to know if this is common Ragdoll cat behavior or just cat behavior in general!  Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment on this post!

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7 thoughts on “Does Your Ragdoll Cat Watch TV?

  1. Tiffany Tenhoff says:

    Casper watches television with me and even watches youtube videos with me. He especially loves watching videos of other cats.

  2. Karalee says:

    Our Mink Male, Gary loves to watch our huge flat screen in the rec room, otherwise, the TV is generally ignored. He perches on the entertainment unit, right in front of the screen. I’ve caught him batting at the TV a couple of times, especially if it’s basketball or hockey. I think the fast pace really catches his eye.

    • Jenny says:

      that’s funny about the flat screen. all my TVs are flat screen, so i guess i dont know how they react to regular TVs. i agree with sports – trigg also likes the “little” people on the screen moving around so fast!

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