Does Your Ragdoll Cat Like Shoes?

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Caymus and Shoes 1-18-10
Caymus and Shoes 1-18-10

My parents’ Ragdoll cat, Caymus is totally obsessed with shoes (and I am totally obsessed with Caymus, but that’s neither here or there).  He loves them!  Loves to lay on them and bunny kick them!  It’s hilarious and I totally love watching him with shoes!  Flip flops are his very favorite!  If you do a quick search on YouTube, you will see there are many cats that likes shoes – but I never knew this until I met Caymus and his shoe fetish!

Does your kitty love to roll around on shoes?

Charlie, Trigg and Murphy do not show any interest in shoes and my Rags never did either.

Here’s a video I took of him when he was 3 (he’s now 6 and still doing it):


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  1. My girl shows a special interest in my slippers, often lying beside them when I take them off, it’s almost like she’s saying:”If Mamma is going anywhere I’ll be sure to know.” Shoes don’t seem to interest her.

  2. Oh, yes, he sure does!! His favorite place in the morning is lying on my sneakers, or work shoes while I’m getting ready for work, rolling all over on them! I literally have to lift him off of them to get my shoes on! Perhaps he just doesn’t want Mama to go to work?

  3. One of my 3 ragdolls is obsessed with my shoes. The minute I take them off, he goes over and lays down on them. He also uses them for “home base” when playing games. LOL

  4. Yes This is amazing I have had many cats and have never seen cats sooooo obsessed with shoes as our two ragdolls. They put their heads into my husband’s smelly work shoes! Anyone new that comes in the house -straight to their shoes. If I buy a new pair of shoes they will search them out!!!!!!!

  5. Oh my gosh, I thought Mr. Darcy was the only one. I see he is not alone. He loves shoes! My niece was the first to point it out as more than coincidence, and I thought she was kidding when she said “He’s after my shoes!” Then it was my mom’s flats and her friends sandals, then my other niece’s shoes, and always my hubby’s, son’s and mine. He has no preference really as long as he can get his paws in there. He does seem to like flats like house-shoes, sandals, ballet type shoes, slip on gym shoes. He only lays on the softer ones, but just has to put one or both paws in shoes, and visits the shoe closet at the front door from time to time. We tease and say that he is shopping for a pair of ‘sensible shoes’ when he does this XD

    1. I wish my cats loved shoes like Caymus because it’s so funny how he just finds them in the room and lays on them. Well, he does this when I am around because I don’t put my shoes away like my mom is good about doing!

  6. Both of my Ragdoll babies like shoes and will roll on them, etc. but my Molly LOVES a pair of navy boiled wool clogs! If I leave them out, they will be covered with her white fur. I think she loves their texture and after playing with them, she will also sleep on them. 🙂

  7. i had a cat that when i first got him, at 8 weeks, he slept in my bfs “macgregor” tennis shoes. that’s how he got his name. omg those things reeked too. they were his shoes that he used for work and they would get wet and man did they ever stink. sometimes i would pick the kitten up from somewhere in the house and go to kiss him and pppppeee uuu! i heard that there are over 300 glands on the human foot so they probably smell all kinds of stuff from our shoes and just like we love to kiss and smell their feet (i do anyway), they like ours too. it’s so funny.

  8. Oh my goodness Darwin LOVES my shoes. He doesn’t attack them but as soon as they are off of my feet or if there are any laying around the house they are his favorite place to nap

  9. My ragdoll Bailey, who passed on this last May LOVED shoes. He would even wait for company to sit down and just lay on their shoes and rub all over them. If they took them off they were HIS. It would surprise some guests and others found it too funny.

  10. I just saw the email about a new comment on Ragdolls loving shoes so began to read them. I rarely put comments online but I thought I might add to this one. Imagine my surprise to see I had commented in February, 2012! Happy to report that eight years later both my seal mitted babies, 11 year old Molly and 10.5 year old Daisy, still love shoes. Molly is still obsessed with my boiled wool clogs, although the old ones have recently been replaced but are still left by the front door for her enjoyment. It’s all about the babies!

    1. =) love it – love that you rarely comment and you’ve commented here twice – lucky us! Yes, my mom’s 15-year old Caymus, who inspired this post, is still a shoe-lovin’ kitty. My mom has asked me if there are other cats out there that like them too! Have you tried wool cat toys or a felted cat cave with your Molly? She would probably like them if she likes the boiled wool clogs.

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