Does Your Kitty Lay in the Sunshine?

Rags laying in the sunshine
Rags laying in the sunshine

As Rags got older, he lost some of his natural warmth, so he often sought out sunny spots where the sunshine would come through the window panes and warm him.

Does your kitty lay in the sunshine?



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12 thoughts on “Does Your Kitty Lay in the Sunshine?

  1. Beth says:

    I’ve never known a cat who didn’t. Jenny, you’re right, when they are old or sick they need the warmth more. It’s soothing for them. We often keep the electric blanket or electric throw blanket on low for kitties’ comfort. Happy new year to you and your beautiful babies 🙂

    • Betty says:

      HI Beth – I have an electric heating pad that I keep on low and cover with a down throw. I set it up right next to me every night, just where Felix likes to sleep. He spends the night snuggled up as close as he can to me, and now right on top of the heating pad. He is 13 and while still lively, has his issues. One of them is that he likes food that he is allergic to. The other two get it, up on the counter (I only admit THAT to other cat lovers), but he always sneaks up when I have my back turned and grabs some. I think he, Oscar & Andy communicate on a level I don’t hear because usually one of them is there when it happens & just moves out of his way. The allergy has resulted in Mr. Felix No-Pants. He licks himself bald. He really does hate all food except what he is allergic to – wet & dry. He won’t even eat table food… I have given up & he stops licking when I say no-no to him.

      • Beth says:

        Betty, I see nothing wrong with feeding kitties on the counter. If anyone takes exception to that… or cat hair here and there, floating in the air… they’re in the wrong house. My kitties live here; this is THEIR home and that’s that 🙂 Good for you!!!

        Kidlet had allergies. We never found out what she was allergic to but she was on corticosteroid shots the last 10 years. She was our Chronic Cat who lived to age 19 1/2 – a miracle kitty.

        Our Felix licked himself bald but it was a nervous condition caused by the other brat cats picking on him. We gave him tranquillizers for a while, then got him a different (single cat) home… the kindest thing we could do. In most multi-cat households, I think, there’s a Pariah Cat. Usually they all adjust to the pecking order and do fine but that poor little guy was miserable. I felt so sorry for him 🙁

        • Betty says:

          Hi Beth. Thanks for the support. Sometimes multicast homes are difficult. We just tried to babysit for my sisterinlaw’s little girl. She was so unhappy that she was scaring my 3. Oscar & Feix ran & hid from her and Andy (the raggie) just sat and watcher her form a distance. My son reported that Andy actually hissed back at one point. When she peed on my son’s bed, her time was up & we brought her back to her own home – next door – to wait for her family to return. My husband went in ice a day and she was so much happier. She is not a mean or bad cat, she was just scared to death. I think my Felix is allergic to there gluten or grains in the foods. When we were able to control/isolate what he ate, he improved and all his fur came back. But now with 3 cats and a busier schedule for me…he gets the sneaks in. And I can’t blame him – he hates the foods that work for him and loves the ones that don’t. I get it – we are kindred spirits. And yes, my counters and tabletops are the domains of my cats. This is their home and they make it mine! I am glad your Felix found a happy home.

          • Beth says:

            Betty, I don’t know how pet foster moms do it but they have my highest respect. Two dear friends (one lives right next door) fostered for the humane society. They both had to stop but they still take in needy kitties or dogs from time to time. Imagine dealing with the peculiarities and personalities of a dozen or more (I CAN’T!)!

            Most I’ve had was 6 and today we’re settled at 4. They all say they would rather be only children and each one tells us, “I’m all the cat anyone needs.” Some get along better than others. The boys are juvenile delinquents; they cuss and hiss but no fur flies. The girls just ignore each other. They are very jealous about their special human and don’t want that person paying attention to any other cats. It’s funny, though… however much they fuss, sometimes they will sleep within a foot of each other, no problem. Our little brat-cats 🙂

  2. Barbara says:

    Oh, yes, my Raggie loves to lay in the sunshine on a rug by the French doors in the living room at the end of the afternoon when the sun streams in. He does a full Ragdoll flop! Wish I had a pic to post with the comment.

    • Jenny says:

      i wish you could reply with photos on the comment section too – i am sure that will be possible in the future. if you have a photo, you could always send it to me and I can add it to the post.

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